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La Primitiva

Lotto enthusiasts are playing the games of various countries regardless of the resident countries. This means, you can stay in UK and play powerball, or you can stay in any of the Asian countries and play euro millions. The credit for making this possible goes to the online lottery game. You can buy lottery ticket online, see the lottery results online and take part in any of the draws. There are also casinos that let you subscribe for the numbers. A few stick to the same number over all the years they play and they win the jackpot at least once. In such cases, you need to make the subscriptions and even if you forget about the ticket, the tickets actually come to you. You can stick to the number and win the prize, regardless of where you are. The same way, you can play the Laprimitiva lotto game of Spain too.


When you want to play the Laprimitiva lotto game, you need not be a resident of the country and can play the game virtually. No taxes are levied on the winnings. Only if you are taking the money out of the country, the amount is assessed for the taxation. The La Primitva is drawn every Thursday and Saturday of the week. The same rule of lotto 649 of Canada is followed in Spain too. This is also the same principle followed in most of the countries worldwide. The 649 matrix is how the matrix is chosen for winning. The player has to choose 6 numbers from the pool of 49 numbers. When the player has chosen all the 6 numbers correctly, he or she takes home the jackpot. When none picks all the 6 numbers right, the winnings are rolled over, as in the other lotto games.


La Primitiva is the national lottery game of Spain. El Gordo is another popular lotto game. This is also discussed whenever the Spanish lotto games are talked about. However, this is not the similar one to the La Primitiva. The El Gordo is drawn only once in a year. This takes place only during the Christmas of each year. In case of La Primitiva, the participants are more. Actually, the statistics say about 98 percent of the population in Spain play this game. Also, there are participants from the other countries, who play through the online casinos.


The prize fund allocated is 42 million. The amount is on Saturdays and on the Thursdays, the jackpot is lesser. This lotto game of Spain, which is an integral part of tradition of the country, actually lets 4 in 10 participants to win and no wonder, why nearly the entire population play this game. You can also check the lottery results online. The results are available online immediately after the draw. This lotto game of Spain can be accessed easily, as the majority of the population plays it. There are also many parts of this lotto game, which are even associated to the football matches.

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Laprimitiva Lottery - spotlight
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