Won the Lottery twice after a dream

Mary Wollens, age 86, had a vivid dream about her holding a lottery ticket and a cheque. Dreams of winning the lottery are quite common.. haven’t we all at least once dreamt of winning the lottery? In Mary’s case the dream came true, not once but twice!

You see, Mary had already purchased a lottery ticket with the numbers she later dreamed about. Her dream with so realistic though, that she could not resist the urge to go ahead and buy a second ticket with the same numbers. While most people would say that buying 2 tickets with the same numbers is rather foolish as your winning chances are the same for the same set of numbers, Mary had proven them wrong.

As it turned out another winner came forth with the same winning numbers to claim the $24,000,000 jackpot, but instead of the prize money being divided equally between them, Mary took two-thirds of the winnings thanks to her double win.

$16 Million is the amount Mary’s eventually won, making us all believe again that dreams can indeed come true!


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Won the Lottery twice after a dream
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