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Lottery games have always been part of the society, but it is only in this era that is gaining a lot of momentum. Such may probably due to the hype provided by the media, but it could also be due to the increasing probability that winning is now within arm’s reach.

One platform that offers high probability of winning is the US Powerball lottery. It is a multi-state lottery avenue that runs across the country except for Hawaii, Alaska, Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada. This platform has been around 1992 and was the first to offer a two-drum lottery set-up. Draws occur at the Universal Studio in Florida every Saturday and Wednesday night at 10:59 pm, Eastern Time. The Powerball results are immediately broadcasted via television, local newspapers and Internet.

Basics of the game

Nowadays, a US Powerball ticket amounts to $2 per combination. It used to cost only a dollar but its recent popularity due to increased interest of the masses has made the fixed price go up. In addition to the two-dollar cost of the ticket, you can also shell out additional cash so that you can double or triple the amount that you will be getting if you do win with your chosen combination.

As you buy your lottery ticket, you will need to select five numbers ranging from 1-59 and one Powerball number from 1-39. You may also opt to let the Powerball machine choose the numbers for you randomly if you do not have a particular set of number in mind. Unlike other lottery, US Powerball does not make it hard for individuals to get a prize because the order of the selected numbers does not affect the chances of winning; they just have to be the exact numbers.

Purchasing options

Even if you do not go out to buy tickets, you can still purchase them online. The prize is taxable if it amounts to more than $600 as mandated by the Federal law. Even a non-US citizen can win the lottery prize although he will be subjected to Federal withholding taxes that will cost around 30% of the total winnings.

The occurrence of group winning is also allowed by the rules of US Powerball. When it happens, the total prize can be divided amongst members of the group regardless if the payout chosen is in lump sum or annuity.

Payouts at stake

Another thing that makes US Powerball so enticing is the ridiculously huge amount of prizes that anyone can win. The jackpot prize usually does not go below $20 million. It can go higher if the jackpot prize has not been won by anyone for a long time; the amount just simply rollover to the next game. It has even reached a point wherein the jackpot prize amounted to more than $500 dollars.

It is not just the jackpot prize that is appealing but also the consolation prizes that can easily be won. Here is the matrix of the pay out that can be attained by those who are able to get the right combinations:

  • Five correct combinations of white ball and no Powerball – $ 1,000,000
  • Four correct combinations of white ball and Powerball – $ 10,000
  • Four correct combinations of white ball no Powerball – $ 100
  • Three correct combinations of white ball and Powerball – $ 100
  • Three correct combinations of white ball and no Powerball – $ 7
  • Two correct combinations of white ball and Powerball – $ 7
  • One correct combination of white ball and Powerball – $ 4
  • Just the Powerball – $ 4

With the right amount of luck and strategic thinking, winning at US Powerball can easily be at hand.

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