Us Powerball Records, Rollovers and Famous Winners

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Us Powerball Records, Rollovers and Famous Winners

Are you one of those people who often bet on the lottery? Are you one of those who can’t wait for the next time you buy Powerball tickets online? Here are some things you might not know about this game you’ve been playing for so long.

Biggest wins

What were the biggest jackpot prizes Powerball has awarded so far?

The current record is still with Gloria Mackenzie who won $590 million last May 29.

The second win was $587 million won during the November 28, 2012 draw won by a winner each in Arizona and Missouri.

The third was $365 million won by eight Nebraska meat processing plant workers who split a ticket in February 18, 2006.

The fourth was $340 million won by a winner from Medford, Oregon, on October 19, 2005, while the fifth was $338 million won by a New Jersey resident just last March 13.

Record rollovers

You might already be familiar with the term, but in case you aren’t, a rollover happens when no one matches the six numbers of the lottery results and the jackpot gets “rolled over” or added to the jackpot for the next draw. The jackpot with the most number of rollovers stands at 19. This was the October 19, 2005 draw wherein a lucky Oregon winner won $340 million, although he took home only $164 million after taxes.

Three jackpots tie for second most number of rollovers at 18. These are the February 18, 2006 draw where the Nebraska meat plant workers won the $365 million jackpot ($177.2 after taxes), the November 29, 2000 draw where a New Mexico winner received $130 million and the July 29, 1998 draw where an Indiana winner received $250 million.

Only one jackpot was won after 17 rollovers, this was the July 9, 2003 draw where two winners, one each from Missouri and Pennsylvania won $261.3 million, each taking home $73.6 million after taxes.

There were four jackpots won after 16 rollovers; the March 15, 2008 draw where a West Virginia winner won $276 million, the August 25, 2007 draw where an Indiana winner won $314 million and the May 28, 2005 draw where an Idaho winner won $220.3 million and the December 25, 2002 draw where another West Virginia winner won $280 million.

There are currently 12 jackpots won after 15 rollovers, 13 jackpots won after 13 rollovers, 11 jackpots won after 12 rollovers, 17 jackpots won after 11 rollovers and 14 won after 10.

Famous Powerball winners

Who are some of the most famous winners from Powerball results?

Andrew Jackson Whittaker – Whitaker didn’t really need the money when he bought that lottery ticket in West Virginia; he was already worth $17 million. However, after winning $314 million ($280 after taxes) he decided to do the Lord’s work and give it to those he found needy or deserving.

He put up a foundation, helped charities and churches and even gave money and a car to the owner of the store where he bought the ticket.

However, things began to go bad for Whittaker, a thief broke into his van and stole $545,000 in cash. His granddaughter died of an overdose; it has been blamed on her substantial allowance. Also, Whittaker was sued after his check for $1.5 million bounced.

Later his wife filed for divorce, triggering a lengthy battle over her share of the winnings. He has been arrested for drunk driving and then his daughter, the mother of his dead grand-daughter, was found dead. Whittaker’s wife would later famously say she wished they had never won that jackpot.

Sheelah Ryan – Not all who win the lottery end up miserable. Ryan won $55.2 million in the lottery in 1988, it was then the biggest prize ever won by a single individual. Ryan, of Winter Springs, Florida, still preferred to live in a trailer park with her cats even after she struck it rich.

Instead of taking a lump sum she opted for annuity and for the next 20 years was able to receive $16.6 million which she used to set up her Ryan Foundation.

Her foundation outlived her after she died in 1994. Some members of her family continue to run the foundation which provides scholarships to Seminole County schools and helps senior citizens, abused spouses, and women and children “struggling to survive.”

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