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Powerball Lottery

The powerball lottery

Has an interesting history about itself. It all began in 1988 and this was when the Lotto America was first played. Later in the year of 1992, the game was renamed as powerball. Drums and drawing numbers are the most commonly used and known numbers to announce the winnings in all the betting games. However, the powerball is the game that has introduced the two drum system to pick the draw. As there were two drums used, two balls were used too. As there are two drums and balls, two sets of numbers should be chosen by the players. When the numbers match, the player is announced as the winner. This rule increases the level of winning with the odds of one in 35.


When you hear of powerball, you would be surprised to know it is game played all over the world and the biggest betting game across the globe. In US, the game is played in 32 states. The draws of the powerball happen twice a week in US, every Wednesday and Saturday. The draws take place in the Florida Universal studios.  In the powerball lottery game, which is quite obvious and 5 sets of numbers are to be picked up from the set given and the other from the balls, called the powerball. The powerball combo of 5 numbers should match the draw. Any player, who had chosen the exact set, wins the draw. The other powerball or extra number chosen increase the chances of winning the additional prizes.


As said, more than one set of numbers are to be chosen in the powerball lottery game. However, this has not been the exact rule when the game had started. Like the name, the rules too had been changed in this game. The only difference is that the choosing of numbers had changed many number of times. From 2009, the number has to be chosen from 1 to 59 and the powerball number is to be chosen from 1 to 35. The winnings can be got in 2 options. The winner can get the amount as a lump sum or he or she can choose to get it for a period of thirty two years in installments. The winner gets at least 20 million dollars, as this is the minimum winning amount.


What do you think will happen if none chooses the winning numbers? Interesting question isn’t it? The amount is rolled over to the next draw. You can buy online tickets to play powerball. Online lottery games let you play comfortably. Also, the prize of the ticket is just one dollar, and you get chances to win even the jackpot, if you have chosen the right numbers. When you buy more tickets, you can win higher number of times. If you think about spending a dollar, you can save the dollar but you lose the chance to win the jackpot. Your chances may look slim, but no one knows who the winner would be. Why don’t you try your luck and fetch dollars to home.

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