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The Jackpot is now set on $214 Million and lottery fans are more than thrilled with the upcoming US MegaMillions draw this week! We at icelotto wish to make sure you will have your facts together for the upcoming US MegaMillions Draw so there it is; All Facts about the US MegaMillions!


Initially called ‘The Big Game Mega Millions’ - the US MegaMillions is an American multi-jurisdictional lottery game; it is offered in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.



MegaMillions tickets sold


The first MegaMillions (The Big Game) drawing was in 2002 and its name changed throughout its history. MegaMillions’ current format began on October 19, 2013 in which Mega Millions uses a 5/75 for its regular numbers draw plus 1/15 (for the “Mega Ball”) double matrix to select its winning numbers. The minimum MegaMillions jackpot is $15 million and May rollover until it is won.

Surprisingly the ‘Megaplier’ multiplier number is chosen at random by computerized drawing in Texas! Why is it surprising? Since the Mega Millions numbers are drawn in Georgia at around the same time.



More than 68 Million winning tickets were sold till this day and the largest jackpot in Mega Millions in the history of this American lottery was $656 Million on the March 30, 2012 draw with three jackpot-winning tickets; three lucky winners from Illinois, Kansas, and Maryland shared the grand prize. All three tickets had been claimed by April 18, with each set of winners choosing the cash option of $158 million.

According to the ’MeagMillions’ Official site ‘The Mega Millions jackpot has reached historic proportions. Highest Jackpot ever won in the US MegaMillions was $656 Million. This was the largest lottery jackpot in world history divided between 3 lucky winners. 


winners map


Taken from the official US MegaMillions site


The highest individual US MegaMillions win ever claimed was by Jesus Davila Jr. who matched all six numbers (26; 32; 44; 45; 58 and 11) and claimed $265 Million on February 24th 2015.





On November 19, 2014- A group of 42 ‘ComEd’ employees from Illinois have won together the MegaMillions $1 Million Secondary Prize after matching 5 out of 6 numbers. 





A Group purchase can defiantly increase your winning odds when purchasing a larger amount of tickets and sharing the expenses of so many tickets. However, when doing so in an ‘office pool’ you REALLY have to make sure to have a system or else you can end up same as several people who basically trusted the wrong people with their lottery purchases.

Just this March, a judge ordered Americo Lopes of New Jersey to share a $38.5 million jackpot with his lottery pool despite Lopes’ claim that he bought the ticket on his own.

And after a March 30 2012 drawing for a nationwide record-breaking $656 million Mega Millions jackpot, a lottery pool scandal erupted when Mirlande Wilson of Maryland came forward to claim the prize. Members of the lottery pool she participated in at a Baltimore McDonald’s where she worked said they were entitled to part of the winnings, but Wilson claimed she bought the ticket on her own.

She later said she lost the ticket, and another group came forward with a winning ticket. Wilson’s former co-workers sued her in October the same year, claiming she secretly gave the lottery ticket to the second, smaller group so she would not have to split the money with as many people.



After such scandal the REAL Jackpot winners came forward proving that Wilson did not have any winning ticket that entire time, Awkward.



The three friends, all of whom work in Maryland’s public education system, shared the $218.6 million portion of the record-breaking $656 million jackpot from March 30.

The winners, who referred to themselves as “The Three Amigos,” arrived at Lottery headquarters with their financial advisor and chose the cash option of $158 million.  After taxes, the winners shared $105 million, taking home just under $35 million each.


The Three Amigos




You probably shouldn’t play in the office pool. After recent high-profile cases in which a group that played the lottery as a team is suing a former co-worker who won the jackpot and didn’t tell (or share the winnings with) colleagues, who needs all that mess? So instead of carefully tracking all of the interested parties and numbers played, copying all tickets for all players and so on- just use the ‘Group Purchase’ option when using your icelotto account. All numbers are monitored, wins are divided accordingly and it is all traceable.




There are many ways to pick lucky numbers for the game. Most people use significant dates and numbers close to heart, like anniversaries, birthdays and such. Some even stick with their lucky numbers every time they play the US MegaMillions lottery- believing this will help them in increasing their likelihood of winning the jackpot. There are other players who take it more seriously and analyze the frequency of the winning numbers.


The most drawn numbers for Mega Millions are 29, 4, 48, and 36.


The number 48 is considered the hottest number and has been chosen more than 83 times since 2005!


As for the Megaball; 35, 9, 36, and 7 are the most common drawn numbers. Many avid players track the drawn numbers to find the most suitable number combination for the game.


‘QuickPick’ is still the most preferred number picking strategy. Players no longer have to over-think it and debate on which numbers to pick. Theoretically, randomly chosen numbers give the player a higher chance of winning the jackpot.





What happens to a MegaMillions jackpot prize that isn’t claimed? 

Each state participating in the game gets back all the money that it contributed to the jackpot. How it uses that money varies from state to state.


Where can you check your MegaMillions wins? 

Winning numbers are posted both on the official Mega Millions website and on icelotto’s Results Page the morning after the draw. With icelotto’s automatic crediting system you will be notified immediately in any case of a win!


How long do you have to claim the prize? 

Depending on where you bought the ticket, prize winners have between 180 days and one year from the date of the drawing to claim their prize. Check the back of your ticket.


Is it safe to play with icelotto?

Yes it is! After every draw the winning numbers are uploaded, and matching the results. We will credit your winnings to your icelotto account from which you can either continue playing world lotteries or make a withdrawal. Actually it is highly recommended to use icelotto since we do it all for you including your prize claim process which comes handy especially if you are a non US citizen, we are here for you!


How do I make sure I do not miss out on any US MegaMillions Draws?

A Multi Draw allows you to pre-purchase an amount of tickets (with pre-chosen numbers) and enjoy up to 25% off at the time of your purchase on icelotto! Please note a Multi Draw is non-refundable and cannot be canceled once created since tickets are pre-purchased for your convenience.


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So this is it, you are now well informed with all facts needed for the upcoming US MegaMillions Draw, all that is left for you to do is to get your ticket today for a chance to win the $214 Million Jackpot and with our online service, there is no need for you to run around for a ticket, we will do it all for you!



From all of us here at icelotto, wishing you the greatest luck!


All There is to Know About The US MegaMillions
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