Top places to visit after winning the lottery

All of us dream of winning the lottery and imagine the awesome places we would visit if we could just leave everything behind, and money would be no object. 

Whether your dream vacation is a sailing trip around the world,  an amazing safari adventure or a lay-back white beaches getaway at the world’s most luxurious resorts, the one thing they all have in common is they are saved for the lucky few who can afford them.


We have compiled the perfect list of the TOP destinations to visit after winning the lottery:


The Maldives:

5 Star Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort Island – One of the world’s most expensive and luxurious resorts. This unique hotel is built underwater on the sea bed of the Ocean. Panoramic see-through rooms, give the visitors an exquisite peek on the sea life around them.



Bora Bora:

St. Regis Resort. Bora Bora.  Water-front bungalows with sea-through floors and a 5 star accommodation level. St. Regis is the preferred resort by celebrities, Monarchs, and millionaires who look for the perfect hide-away.




Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a very popular destination for travelers around the world , though only a reserved few can gain access to this luxurious resort. This private sea-view villa is owned by one of Greece’s multi-millionaires and is rented out at around $45,000 per night. Believe it or not, the place is booked months in advance.





Malawi Africa

This hidden lake in Malawi is reserved for VIP’s only. Not everyone can stay at this hideaway since this exclusive lake side resort charges about $15,000 per night. The amazing wild life and exotic fish that surround the lake makes it worthwhile for the wealthy adventurists.




Now, before you plan your next vacation just think of where you could had you won the lottery. Take your chances, and your life just might be the life you have always dreamed of.

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