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We see it on the news once a week at least. New millionaires are introduced globally to the world after matching all lottery’s requirements and claim the grand prize, holding a fancy cheque with an initial digits followed by multiple zeros, smiling to the cameras, unaware of what’s to come. We have decided to share some of the most outrageous lottery winning stories worldwide only proving just how your life can change and perhaps equip you with better tools once you lucky numbers will come up!  




Have you ever experienced a day in which you feel like looking up and simply ask “what else can go wrong???”, well, Frano Selak, A 74-year old Croatian man won $1 million in 2003 but his long history of brushing off death is far too amazing!


frank selek



His adventuress story began in 1962 when a train he was taking fell into a river covered in ice, having killing 17 passengers but leaving him mostly unscathed. Followed by jumping off a falling plane and a somewhat safe landing in a haystack!

You think that would be considered enough, however, in 1966, while travelling on a bus, he managed to escape unharmed when it crashed into a river! In 1970 and again in 1973, he barely escaped death when both of his cars blew up! He managed to spend two decades in safety before being hit by a bus in 1995.

Finally, in 1996, he was forced to drive off a cliff to escape an oncoming truck and was caught safely in a tree right on the cliff while watching his car drop and explodes beneath.

After his lottery win, Selak said that he could be considered “the world’s unluckiest man or the world’s luckiest man”. What do you think?






László Andraschek, a 55-year old Hungarian man, went from living on the streets to having his pick of accommodation anywhere in the world – all thanks to a last chance lotto ticket which brought him £1.7 million.

After being down on his luck and just few coins left in his name, he decided to spend whatever was left of his money on a lotto ticket while he was waiting at a train station. It was a chance taken that will change his life forever- he matched all 7 winning numbers and won £1.7 Million! Soon after he made sure to buy a home, a car and spread some of the winning amount among his children. Surprisingly, he did not go on a spending spree and chose to keep focused. “I have become rich but I have not become a different person,” he responded to the media at his prize claim.


homless man won the lottery





Sometimes we take a chance, not knowing what will come ahead but our gut feeling tells us to keep going. Same goes for a single dad from Melbourne, Australia who had only 8 cents left in the bank when we found out that he had won $1.5 Million shortly after his win was predicted by a psychic. 

The single father of two had been to see a psychic in the days prior to the draw, was told his financial situation would soon be looking up.  After checking his ticket “about 10 times”, it finally sunk in that he had become an instant millionaire. “Now I have $1,500,000.08,” he said. The man planned to use the money to help his family and invest in his children’s future.


psychic lottery prediction





Can you imagine winning the lottery? How about twice? And in the same draw?

A group of friends from Australia managed to win not one, but two 1 prize division worth $800,000 each, after the Group Participation coordinator mistakenly bought a second winning ticket!

One of the winners explained how he had accidentally selected an advanced play option while buying the syndicate’s regular Saturday Lotto ticket, which created an extra entry in that week’s draw. “It just so happened to be ‘that’ draw that we won- giving us not one, but two 1st prizes!”

Each Group Participant member took home $157,474! “It’s just stunning,” said the Group Participation coordinator of the unusually lucky win.






New Millionaires are introduced daily to the world. Each of us carries a story. Some are a bit more drastic than the other, but that is the beauty of being alive! 

All of your dreams can come true simply by making sure you have a lottery ticket ready for the upcoming draws!





Amazing Lottery Winning Stories!
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