Woman launches lawsuit against a local TV station for posting the wrong lottery numbers


Rakel Daniele from New Jersey launched a lawsuit against her local TV station for emotional distress after they announced the wrong winning lottery numbers.

Rakel thought she won $250,000 on the US MegaMillions lottery  when the TV station announced the winning numbers as 1,2,3,4,5 with the MegaBall number of 12. Having matched 5 of those numbers, besides the megaball which she chose 6, Rakel was overwhelmed with excitement thinking she just won a $250,000 payout! The same wrong numbers were later repeated with the same TV station had only increased Rakel’s belief that she just won.

Her claim is that she had been ‘severely damaged’ emotionally by her reliance on the wrong numbers, which were in fact 4,9,12,16 and the megaball number of 44. On her lawsuit she claims the station was negligent and reckless to broadcast the same wrong number twice.

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