Why icelotto.com is NOT a Scam

icelotto is NOT a scam

As part of our endeavors to make icelotto as accessible and fun to all of our players, we are here to answer one of the common questions out there – is icelotto a scam? The answer is NO, and here’s why icelotto.com is NOT a scam:


After our previous BLOG posts regarding Lottery Scams, Many icelotto customers have approached us regarding online lottery scam attempts which we were fortunate to assist and prevent in time. Sadly, many were less fortunate without our assistance and Lottery Scams continue to produce over 10$ Million in average a year from innocent unsuspecting lottery fans worldwide.


It is only natural that you will have your doubts any given time and that is why we at icelotto.com would like to put your mind at ease and reassure you regarding our services. As you probably know by now, icelotto serves as your online lottery courier service, providing you with the opportunity of world-wide lottery participation.


In order to take part in world lotteries, you will first need to create an account on our site, choose your lottery and numbers and proceed with your payment details while either making the purchase online yourself or while chatting with one of our professional call center representatives.  So what separates us from those scammers out there? Let’s begin with the basic essentials for any successful online lottery purchase;



Secured purchase


All of our pages are secured. icelotto uses SSL Security protocol, employing top professionals, maintaining the latest security standards in the industry 24/7, in order to make sure your account is secured and your purchase is safe with us! Simply look for the Lock symbol along with the ‘HTTPS’ at the site’s URL top bar to see that your payment details’ page is in fact secured. Transparency is key here- When you purchase a ticket with icelotto- you are the legal owner of your ticket along with proof of purchase provided both in your account and your confirmation email.  As soon as you ticket is purchased it will be reviewed, scanned and uploaded to your online account for you to view before the time of the draw.


icelotto is NOT a scam



Why is the ticket scanned and not sent physically via mail?


Since icelotto is not a scam website, we are obligated to take care of our customers’ investment AKA your ticket! Once a ticket is purchased in a specific country- it cannot leave the country of the lottery or else it will no longer be valid! If you encounter a company online that promises you that- it might as well be a scam and money lost since in any case of a win- you will not be able to claim your prize from abroad. And this is where our unique service comes in handy; we make the purchase in your behalf and assist claiming the prize for you and crediting your account with the amount won. Legality in not an issue here since as part of our service, we will provide a claiming solution and you will be able to enjoy your claim in no time! Did we mention we do not retain any commission on your wins! 


Check for payment options provided on site! 


icelotto is NOT a scam


When it comes to deposit options, one must check which are provided on site- are they conventional? A good advice here will be- always make sure your money is traceable! icelotto works along with various payment options’ companies such as VISA, MasterCard and other debit cards. Additionally, icelotto is fully licensed with McAffe security system, GeoTrust and Norton ‘Safe Web’ system. Always make sure to check credentials! Which brings us to the next step in Smart online lottery shopping- the Worldwide media.


icelotto is NOT a scam



Social Media- Do your research!

Have you checked icelotto’s Facebook Page lately? On our page we offer great promotions and links to our BLOG with so many productive features for you to enjoy and perhaps pick your lucky winning numbers using some of our methods offered.  Remember you are not alone! We at icelotto constantly strive to maintain our site with the most amounts of professionalism and full support in order to provide our customers with the best lottery experience ever!


Here are several social Media reviews we have gathered from several professional reviews:

icelotto reviews


Taken from Trustpiliot.com


icelotto reviews


Taken from Webutation.net


Most importantly- Use your common scenes!

This for a second- did you use the site’s services? You get an email claiming you have won- did you in fact enter the lottery in question? With icelotto, you will be able to view all of your purchases, follow up on lottery Jackpots and check lottery results in real time! We have barely scratched the surface when it comes to lottery scams and yet we hope this article will enable you to a safer online lottery purchase experience. We at icelotto.com will be more than happy to answer any questions should you have any using our ‘Contact Us’ feature on site. With a fully operational Call Center, Live Chat and Customer Support- you know that not only your purchase is safe and secured but also your Lottery options are limitless.


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