When your pet becomes a Millionaire

Any pet owner will look you right in the eye and say that Pets are a part of the family, so it is only natural that in case of a lottery win, your pet wins too! Besides various options which are now available to you, what would you do for your loyal family member?


Many successful business owners have already grasped the notion- a Person who loves his/her pet, will give it the world! A Rich person with a pet, well, will give the world plus extra pampers. Since National pet day was just celebrated and with the US Powerball and the US MegaMillions on the rise with high Jackpots, we have gathered some of the most outrageous exclusive treatments your money can get for your pet- once you win it big!


Dog & Cat Hotel featuring a Spa


At ‘Chateau Poochie’, Pompano Beach, FL USA- dog owners are amazed as their four legged best friend can check in for the night at a five star pet resort which includes a full Spa, fully furnished suite with a spacious bed and a flat screen TV, High nutritious meals made by the house chef, a personal dog trainer and even a trendy store for all push doggy accessories, live too far? No such thing with a full concierge service and they will even fly your dog to this prestige location.





While on the subject- why settle for a regular dog house when you can build it a mansion? 


Any keen dog lover knows that a dog must have its own ‘safe place’. Some are even willing to go the distance and purchase a liverish dog house… More like a mansion. Price ranges somewhere around the $30,000- it is a mere price to pay for the newly millionaire in order to provide such comfort for his or her four legged friend. This luxurious celebrity dog house is custom made and considered one of a kind. Available amenities include running water, lighting, air conditioning and heat.

Do take under consideration that each dog house is designed individually and prices may vary, for example- this dog house design is currently priced at over $400,000!


THEDOGHOUSE Doghouse_Log Cabin doghouse-2



Another great example will be Paris Hilton, a keen dog lover who has decided to create her own version of a dog house for her pets:






What about a personal pet stylist? 



doggy couture


Yes, there is such thing! Actually, more and more well-known designers from Carl Lagerfeld to Roberto Cavalli and even Versace have launched their own pet lines which include ridiculously priced clothing and accessories. And why stop there when you can enjoy a Personal pet stylist that can upgrade your pooch and kitty to high couture level? Just check the following video introducing Dara Foster- a celebrity pet stylist.






How about a private aquarium? 



When money is not an issue, why not invest in the biggest privet reef in North America? Bill Wann has decided to build 20,000 Gallon Reef in his home and he is currently the proud owner of the largest residential aquarium in the United States. His massive 24-foot-long by 10-foot-wide by 10-foot-deep aquarium sits right in his living room! It cost somewhere between 500,000 to 700,000 to build, not including monthly expenses and utility bills, however when asked about this project- Bill simply admitted that it is less about the fish loving, more about the challenge to keep them alive.







How about a Luxury Jet flight for pets with Rich owners?



Why would your dog fly commercial if you’re worth $1 billion? For many pet owners, a flight with a pet can be rather exhausting. Not when money is involved. After all- when you are a millionaire, such things should not be an issue at all!


DOG Fly Dog Fly2




Well, ‘Sit ‘n Stay Global’ has just the right thing for Millionaire pet owner.  Service includes a personal privet ‘pet nanny’, gourmet meals and entitlement on board.





Treat your pet to Yoga? 


The actual term used is in fact Doga; however, many Yoga enthusiasts have already posted many videos online mentioning the feline family as wonderful Yoga partners as well. Doga is the practice of the Yoga art along with your dog/cat when the pet in an integral part of the process. Many claim that the mutual practice increases the already well established bond and trust any Animal lover has with its pet. For a relatively fair amount- a personal Doga instructor will come to your house and even practice with your pet when you are not around to make sure your pet’s spirit is lifted, at ease and body’s well stretched.





Pet Accessories 


From fancy Roberto Cavalli doggy coats ($110-$1,200) to a Swarovski Dog Throne- the Sky is the limit when it comes to your pet. Being said- so is the price. For example- this beautiful Cat cabin is made of wood and lined with a dirt repellent pillow gives your cat a safe comfy place to nap because apparently that pile of dirty clothes in the closet is beneath him and the price? Mere $1396 and your cat is all set!


Cat bed


And as for Jewelry- the everyday doggy tag will not suffice, not when you can spend over $4 Million on a dog Tiara? 


Dog Tiara



Oh, yes- this is a real picture of a real dog with a real $4 Million worth Tiara on its head. We are not sure this dog is that happy about the choice, but we do believe that the owner must love this dog very much!

And we cannot contain ourselves when it comes to this next feature- 52-carat Diamond Dog Collar current worth? $1.8 Million!

52 CARAT diamond



And how can we pass on this Hello Kitty doggy bed which can easily be used as a cat bed. This Expensive bed will fit a small animal, when all around there are over 75,000 crystals covering this $31,660 worth of pet indulgence.


Jewel pet bed



Personal Pet Chef


If you get to enjoy the best foods, why can’t your pet as well? When you are rich, you dine well and so is your pet. There are currently several Privet Chef Service providers worldwide that offer your pet a well balanced meal for your dog or cat. From beef casserole to Lamp of even smoked Salmon while paying attention to nutrition- your pet will enjoy well cooked meals and healthy living.  There limitless options when it comes to spending well won Jackpots over your loved ones, pets included!





So in case you have enjoyed your reading and you do have a pet or even interested in adding one to your family, remember this- the first step in World-wide Lottery participation is to get a ticket! New Millionaires will be announced this weekend should all numbers will match and with 9 ways to win and a Jackpot of $96 Million in the US MegaMillions- this is the perfect time to get in the game!



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