US Powerball – A Winner Story

Money does not come easy, but with a little luck on your side, you can instantly be the next millionaire through lottery. Such had been the fate of few lucky ones who had spared two dollars by taking their chances at the US Powerball.

The US Powerball is a combination of cash and jackpot game. Its draw happens every Saturday and Wednesday night at 10:59 Eastern Time. Out of the fifty nine white balls and thirty five red balls, five white balls and one red ball are drawn respectively. Cut-off time for every sale occurs 59 minutes before the actual draw. If all of numbers drawn out matches yours, then you when the jackpot. However, you may still win the consolation prize if your chosen number matches all the white balls or even just the red Powerball. With any of this combination, you can instantly have a couple of dollars in your hand. It is not going to be that complicated considering that the odds of winning are not high.

Increasing amount of prizes

Meanwhile, more than $20 million are at stake for every jackpot prize. It can even reach hundreds of millions of dollars if no one has been hitting the jackpot for a time. Such occurrence is called rollovers; the jackpot prize at the moment will be added to the next draw if no one gets the six-digit combination. Moreover, if someone does get the jackpot prize, he can opt to increase whatever amount he is going to be getting by choosing annuity instead of having the lump sum payment. An annuitized prize will be paid in the span of over 30 years; the annual payment that he will be getting will be increased every year by percentage thus totaling to more than the lump sum amount.

A recent winner’s story

A lot of people do not bank of on lottery because they think it is futile and will never get the chance to win ever in their life. But some people though do not give up in buying a two-dollar ticket every single night in hopes that the numbers they have chosen will appear on the screen. More often than not, the efforts of these kinds of people do pay off in the end. Such is the case for Mario Scarnici. He is from Monmouth Junction and has been purchasing a US Powerball ticket every single day at the same store at South Brunswick in Middlesex County for years. Eventually, all his investments through the years multiplied by millions as he received $62 million-worth of jackpot prize after he found out about the Powerball results last August. He could have received $149 million had he opted for annuity, however, he had chosen to get the full amount and spend it with his family. His two sons got the most of it as an investment for their future. The life of this man along with his family is forever changed through the removal of financial burden from their lives.

Other winners

Others have also experienced the same blessings like Gloria Mackenzie who bagged $590 million last May. Another recent occurrence is the winning of $400 million-worth of jackpot money by an anonymous man who just happened to drop by at a local gasoline station and impulsively bought a ticket. There have also been individuals who won as a group and chose to split the money like what happened with the eight Nebraskan workers of a meat processing plant way back in 2009. These are just few people who instantly became millionaires by simply taking the first step in shelling out two dollars and by doing so, their lives will never be same again.

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