The Bono Lotto And How To Win This Lottery!

Spain has one of the most exciting lotteries. It’s called The Bono Lottery, or simply Bono Lotto.


Spain has a long tradition of lotteries, in fact, it goes all the way back to the time of Cervantes.


Bono Lotto

The Spaniards love playing the lottery, and like the Americans and the English, they play the lottery weekly. The most hard-core players play several times a week, as the Bono Lotto has an incredible six weekly draws. Yes, that’s right. When it comes to the lottery, the Spaniards are not fooling around. Playing the Bono Lotto is easier than playing many of the other lotteries. You only need to choose numbers between 1 and 49. On the other hand, you do need to pick six numbers, so in terms of probability of how to win the Bono Lottery, it is more or less equal to other lotteries worldwide. But winning the grand prize jackpot is a little easier than the other major lotteries as winning the Bono Lotto jackpot has a probability of one to about 14 million. Not exactly easy, but clearly easier than other lotteries.



How To Win The Lottery

People use many different strategies to win the Bono Lotto. One of the most common ways to play is simply choosing special numbers that have some relevance to your life. For example, dates of birth of family members. Even if they don’t choose all their lottery numbers like this, this is still the most popular method. Others like to simply write down whatever number they happen to be thinking about at the time or even let the system choose numbers for them. But there is a large group of players, particularly in the Bono Lotto, who digs a little deeper to choose numbers. Some people like to study the history of the Bono Lotto, and see if there are particular numbers that appear again and again. And, incredibly, there is.


Bono Lotto Data

Some numbers, inexplicably, keep popping up. There are books written on the subject, and these days you can even buy data online. So it’s easier to study the Bono Lotto data than it used to be. Scientists have identified which numbers are more likely to hit, and when. Likewise, they know which numbers are less likely to hit. Based on these data anyone can form a pretty good opinion on which numbers will be the winning numbers. This isn’t a foolproof way of winning the lottery, but if you’re looking for information on how to win the lottery, you definitely need to have a look at the ideas behind these statistics. The nice thing is that you can form your own theories as to which numbers will win. The handy thing is that the date is right there at your fingertips. Some people think that if it has gone a long time since a particular number has been among the winning numbers, that this number is more likely to show up. And analyzing the several hundreds of draws that lie within the system, everyone may come up with their favorite theory. Some people claim that they’ve used this data to successfully win the lottery, but it is still impossible to prove it.


Lotto Online

The Spaniards are getting more and more into the Internet as well. And these days many people who like to play the Bono Lottery love to play the lotto online. This is extremely easy, and few people know that it is even possible to play the Bono Lotto from other countries, such as the USA and the UK. Or any other European country, in particular. If in doubt, have a look online to find a lottery partner site that can accommodate you. Lotto online is growing more and more popular all over the world, and it has never been easier to play this way. But you need to understand that each lottery and each country has its own rules. The nice thing is that these rules may be easily found online, so this is simply a matter of doing some good old-fashioned lotto research.


You can win hundreds of millions of Euros in the Bono Lotto.

Online Lotto Agent

A good idea for those who want to play lotto online is to find an online lottery agent. There are many to choose from, so take some time out to research all possibilities. Make a list of top three online lotto agency sites, and then simply choose the one you like best. Playing lotteries online is very convenient, and if you go for one of the top online lottery agencies, you do not need to worry about things like security of online transactions, or getting paid in case you win. If you’re curious about the Spanish Bono lottery, you can have a look at the rules and the latest bono lotto results here. And if you’re seriously into playing the lottery, maybe it will be worthwhile to invest in some historical data on the Bono Lotto numbers?


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