The Randomness of winning lottery numbers axiom is proven a myth


Barry Penn (42), from Lexana Kansas had spent the past few years investigating and learning everything he could about the lottery, and using various mathematical equations, he came up with an astonishing conclusion – The randomness of winning lottery numbers is a myth! Learn more here


Penn, had successfully generated a pattern system which can INCREASE the winning chances of any lottery ticket by at least 20%.

According to his study, if the overall sum of your picked numbers is within the range of 106-170 then you are 20% more likely to win. In fact, 60% of all winning numbers fall within the 120-140 range, and it doesn’t end here. 62% of the winning combinations are either 3 low/3 high or 4 low /2 high combinations.


Even and odd number combinations are also taken into consideration, explains Penn.

If you have a 2 Even / 4 Odds combination you INCREASE your chance by an additional 25% and if you turn it around to a 4 Even / 2 Odds you will have an increased chance of 24% to win.


Combining High/Low Even/Odd numbers for increased winning odds.

Combining High/Low Even/Odd numbers for increased winning odds.


Penn, has made millions using his pattern system and had been working on improving his system ever since. His software named ‘LottoBot’, is automatically fetching the numbers with the highest winning probabilities for each given draw, on any lottery and it is the only lotto software in the world that actually won the jackpot multiple times in a year.

The down side of the system as Penn puts it– ‘my system can guarantee the winning set of numbers, but cannot calculate whether it would be a small prize a jackpot or anything in between’.


Still, by playing on several lotteries, a few times each week, he asserts, can assure a steady income of anywhere between $2000 to $50,000 a week depending on current jackpot accumulated that week.


Penn’s distributes his software for a limited number of people around the world and it can be accessed here. If there are any spots left.



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