The Advantages of Playing Lottery Online

There are multiple advantages to playing the lottery online. In this modern day and age, most things can be purchased and done online and now lottery can as well. This is a recent phenomenon that is still not widespread as most people still purchase tickets from brick and motor locations. When it’s considered, there are advantages with playing the lottery online that doesn’t exist when going out to stores in person. Online play availability may not be everywhere, but multiple states have made it possible to purchase lottery tickets online and many more are sure to follow. Maintaining a higher level of privacy, convenience, and no commute are all advantages of playing the lottery online.


Convenience & No Commute


One of the constant downsides to play lotto is often the long line in the gas stations and convenient stores. These stores are called convenience stores but it’s ironically more convenient to play lotto online. Even customers of these stores who do not play lotto are often victim to waiting in long lines of a single slow moving cashier cashing out scratch offs and inputting Powerball tickets. Take out the long wait, inconvenience of standing in long lines, and dealing with rude cashiers by simply playing lottery online at a reputable site like icelotto. The fact that you can play from home in your pajamas without traveling and spending time and more money is a great advantage of online lottery play.




Playing the lottery is not considered taboo but a certain stigma still exists for gambling amongst certain social circles. People influenced or affected by this or those who simply don’t want “Theresa” from the family church or the local panhandler seeing them spending money on lottery tickets, will greatly benefit from online lottery tickets. Many small towns and neighborhoods within bigger cities have an “everybody knows everybody” atmosphere and many lottery players simply prefer to enjoy privacy or anonymity while playing lottery games.


Better winning chances


It might sound like a long shot, as it is well-known that winning the lottery is quite hard, to say the least. However, you can significantly improve your winning odds if you utilize the tools that playing it online can give you. For example, playing your lottery online allows you to set up lottery groups (also known as syndicates) and simply buy more tickets for less money.

We have perfected the Group method and have constructed groups with pre-defined number of participants and more importantly, pre-defined numbers. Using advanced calculations and statistics we can ensure a win on every single draw. How is this possible? simple, we match all possible variations and combinations of the ‘extra number’ for each lottery. This in itself means that your lottery group would win on every draw. Next, we work by hot and cold numbers to ensure you always play the numbers which have the highest probability of winning. Thanks to our system, we have a 40% success rate for each group member to at least return what he invested on each draw, not to mention making some very nice profits.



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