Which States Win the Lottery Most Often?

The Powerball lottery is one of the most popular ways to play the lottery. And it is a 100% American run lottery, currently available in 44 states. The lottery is famous for being the first lottery using two drums in draws. At the time this feature was a novelty. And Powerful quickly rose to fame because of it. Well…there are other reasons, too, and the most important have to do with money. People love Powerball because of the extreme jackpot wins that pop up so regularly. If there is one lottery that has made more lottery winners than the rest of them, it’s Powerball. Not least because of the two drums, as this in itself increases the number of smaller jackpot wins. So in Powerball Lottery, you get more chances, and higher jackpots – two potent features.


Pennsylvania wins the most lotteries

Unclaimed Lottery

But are players in some states more likely to win than others? Could it be that lottery statistics show us any preferences of the Powerball? You wouldn’t automatically think so, but have you looked into Powerball statistical history?


Well, the statistics are certainly here. And they are fully available to whoever who wants to see them.  You may think that luck should be equally distributed. And that most participating states should see the same level of wins, comparatively to their population. But there are some real surprises here. Pennsylvania is the state that comes out on top. And with 16 wins since the start of the Powerball lottery in 1992, no other state comes close. Florida is second, but The Sunshine State only boasts 12 wins. What is the reason for these differences? Who knows. But they are very real. On the other end of the scale are states like DC, Virginia, and Montana. These states have not experienced a single jackpot win. How do you interpret this? Experienced gamblers and card players would say that inhabitants of these states should start playing, as the chances of someone there winning are high. Statisticians, however, will laugh at this notion, and simply state that the chances are equal for all players of the game, independent of the state.



Mathematically, the chances of winning are low.

Lottery Win Explanation

But how do you explain such differences? Difficult to say, and skeptics will say that these results can’t be interpreted in any other way than that of mathematical statistics. And that means that everybody who plays the lottery has an equal chance of winning, independent of other factors. Most people agree, but still, like to play their lucky numbers, so there is always some degree of belief in these things. In fact, many people enjoy reading about these things and feel that there could be other forces at play. Who knows. One thing is for sure, and that is if you don’t play, you won’t win. And the great thing about playing in USA’s most winning state is that the state government does not claim any taxes of the win. Pennsylvania tops lottery statistics in other ways, too, because most Pennsylvania winners have claimed their wins. There have been surprisingly few unclaimed lottery winnings in the Quaker State. Strange as it may seem, unclaimed lottery tickets are a rising problem.



Unclaimed Lottery Tickets

Most often than not, an unclaimed lottery ticket is caused by the person playing the lottery simply forgetting about it. Some countries and some lotteries allow for registration of the player at the very act of buying the ticket. Which completely eliminates the possibility of an unclaimed lottery. If you forget that you’ve played, and those numbers kick in, the lottery officials will call you up on the telephone number that you’ve registered. This works like a dream, but a system that captures each and every player’s name, address and contact numbers, need to have excellent safety measures. Safety measures in all parts of the chain. Otherwise, this sensitive information could leak, and threaten the privacy of lottery winners. If you want to look at the manner, in all honesty, you would probably have to admit that there are no surefire ways to guarantee full anonymity. But the tradition of letting people present the winning ticket is most likely the best. And those that forget that they’ve played, or forget to check the numbers, only have themselves to blame.


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