Saved By The Lottery Ball! Incredible Tales Of Amazing Lottery Wins!


Unclaimed lottery tickets, huge wins, lottery winners who lose it all after a spending frenzy…there are many, incredible lottery stories. Some of the most amazing stories have to do with poor people winning. And some people can relate how they won that lottery prize at the right moment in their lives. Fantastic lottery wins that came at a time when they needed it the most.


Sometimes it seems as if lottery wins are given to exactly those that need it the most.

Fantastic Win

They are the ultimate lottery stories. And often these stories sound too incredible to be true. What about the homeless person that was living an utterly meaningless life, going from homeless shelter to homeless shelter, then one day suddenly winning the jackpot and 10.5 million dollars. It’s difficult for most of us imagining ten million dollars appearing in our bank account one day to the next. But try thinking about a person who has absolutely nothing, not even a dime, suddenly becoming a multi-millionaire. Hard to fathom, but these things happen, just as they happened to Canadian Sharon Tirabassi. She truly went from rags to riches and was saved by the lottery ball. It seemed too good to be true, almost magical. But then, the most incredible thing happened after her amazing win. And that was that she managed to lose every single of those lottery dollars. She spent all that money in record breaking time, buying expensive houses, cars, yachts, and the likes, but also lost them, making this amazing lottery win story even more amazing. The mind-boggling thing is that these lottery horror stories are not that uncommon. It seems that you need to think like a millionaire to stay a millionaire.



Magical Lottery Storyluxurious lifestyles

And there are other stories. Luckily, some of them have happy endings. An incredible number of lotto winners have decided to give all the money away. Most people may think this is a crazy thing to do, but many of these lottery winners were older people, and most likely came to these conclusions after some careful thinking. Who’s to say what is the right thing to do? Most lottery winners, however, do keep their winnings. Like the 42-year old single mother from Florida who won 3 million dollars in the Powerball lottery. That money saved her life. It came at a time when she was without a single dollar to her name, in fact, she was tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Desperation struck, and she was even considering suicide when those number hit, and her bank account was filled with more money than she’d ever seen before. And this woman managed to turn her life around without getting herself into the same kind of trouble that the so many other lottery winners had. She paid her debts, bought a simple, but comfortable house put up intelligent savings accounts and even trust funds for her child’s future college tuition and managed to turn her life around and sustain it. She lives happily now, thanks to her lottery win.


Unclaimed Lottery

When you start to scratch the surface you find an enormous amount of these stories. Fantastic tales of life can change dramatically one moment to the next thanks to the lottery. Strange to think that there are many people who do not even check their lottery ticket to see if they have won. You would’ve thought that people who take time out of their day, and money out of their purses, to get that lottery ticket verify the results. But in many cases, they don’t! Many of these cases have to do with simply forgetting that they bought the ticket in the first place. And this happens, not just to old people with poor memories, but also to stressed-out young folks. But you would be surprised if you realized just how many people simply do not verify their tickets. Even if they remember that they have played! Exactly which thought processes go on in their brains will never be known, but perhaps they think that they will never win? The fact is that there are more and more unclaimed lottery winnings thanks to these types of lottery players. They sit on their unclaimed lottery tickets, unaware that they’ve won. Unaware of all that magical change that could’ve happened to them had they just had a little more faith. What about you? Do you have an unclaimed lottery ticket? Check your lottery numbers here.


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