Playing Online Lotteries

The Benefits of Online Lotteries:

If you love playing in your local lottery, but would like to expand your horizons, then playing lotteries online is for you. Playing lotteries online is also perfect if you are a very busy person who cannot get to your local lottery outlet, or if you hate having to stand in line at the local lottery agency to get your ticket.


First of all, playing online means that you don’t have to stick to lotteries in your area or even your continent! With online lotteries such as Icelotto, you choose a lottery you wish to play, and your ticket is purchased for you by trusted agents in the specific lottery’s locality. The real ticket is then scanned and uploaded to your account for confirmation.


Not only that, when you play online, you can purchase your ticket any time as long as it is before the cut-off for that particular draw. This means that even if you are busy at work or unable for any other reason to get to your local lotteries retailer, you can still purchase your ticket. Better still, Icelotto allows you to choose to play in multiple draws. This means that if you are happy with your numbers, you can play in up to ten draws without needing to reenter!


Playing online means that you have access to all the statistic and lottery results information that would not be readily available to regular players.


Why Play as a Group

While it’s fun to play as an individual, Icelotto offers the option of playing as part of a group syndicate. This is a proven way to increase your chances of winning. Of course, playing with too many people would minimize the amount you win, so at Icelotto, the size of each group is capped at 150. A group purchase can mean 400 ticket entries per month, as well as guaranteed winnings, as groups always match particular winning number combinations.



Why Icelotto?

There are many lottery websites around, so why choose Icelotto to buy your lottery tickets online. First of all, not every website offers both individual and group ticket purchases. As mentioned, there are many advantages in purchasing a group ticket, such as assured winnings and the opportunity for many more entries into your chosen lottery each month.


Not only this, but you may purchase up to ten tickets per draw, as well as entering up to 100 draws with the same numbers.


Icelotto also has a VIP program. When you sign up to be a VIP, you are allocated your very own Personal Account Manager. They will keep you up to date with all the latest jackpot information, lottery results and more. As you earn more points, you achieve a higher VIP level, with even more bonuses and benefits.


One of the biggest concerns of people when they sign up for anything online where their money is involved, is of course whether or not they can make transactions safely and securely. Icelotto promises 100% security to all its customers. You can trust that your tickets are purchased by reliable lottery agents. The fact that you can view your ticket online really increases the feeling of confidence in purchasing with Icelotto.


As you can expect from a site that deals with so many lotteries from around the world, Icelotto’s support services are second to none. You can contact a support person by either email or phone. Make sure that you check out the Frequently Asked Questions page to see if the answer you need is included in our comprehensive information.



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