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Mega Millions

Are you one of those people keep on dreaming that someday they will win in a lottery, but never actually had the guts to buy a ticket? While many of us dream of being an instant millionaire in just one night, some people actually do take their chance and invest a dollar or two so that they can at least have a fighting chance to earn millions are at least a few bucks.

Mega Million is one of the leading lottery platforms that gives away huge amounts of jackpot and consolation prizes leading up to more than half a billion dollars. One of the remarkable wins in the lotto history had been the $ 656 million jackpot amount that was shared by three local teachers back in 2012 and two others from different states. Apparently luck is on Maryland’s side as it was just announced this October that another one from its locality had won the $189 Mega Millions jackpot prize.

Maryland’s luck

Maryland has been known to be a site of a couple of major lotto wins since the inception of mega lottery. Back in 2007, there were two major winners from this town that took away roughly $356 in sum. One of the winning tickets was bought at Mace Liquor while the other was from Walther Liquors. On the day that the number combination for $656 million prize was announced last year, four locals also won $250,000 each. Last February, there was also a Mega Million jackpot prizewinner of $ 26 million who came from this state.  This is the second time this year that someone from Maryland will be bringing home yet another Mega Millions jackpot prize.

However, the winner is the not the only one that would be celebrating. Whenever someone wins the grand prize, it is not only the winners that benefit but also the state and the shop from which the ticket was bought.

At the this first week of October, Sukhwinder Singh, the owner of Dash In convenience store, got a call at 6 am in the morning informing that the Mega Millions results yesterday says that the winning ticket for the $189 million jackpot prize was sold from his store.

This earned him $100,000 from the state lottery as a commission. Singh is planning to use this money for a vacation, preferably in Canada. In addition, the state will have $11.3 million tax revenue as well.

The winning numbers were 53, 37,30, 10, and 07. Meanwhile, the bonus ball was 01. The chance that it is going to be chosen was 1 in 176 million.

The new millionaire claimed the prize a week after the draw but has chosen to be anonymous. According to him, he hid his winning lottery ticket in jug of spare change before putting it in a light bulb for fear that it will get stolen. He opted to get the lump sum of $129.7 million instead of the intended $189 million. If the taxes will be deducted, he will incur a total amount of $86 million.

This man anonymous winner lives in Anne Arundel County chose the winning combination based on a dream that he had. According to the dream, one of his relatives kept repeating the numbers. It struck him as something bizarre but he complied anyway. He bought ten tickets with varying combinations and one of these tickets luckily contained the winning set. He claimed his prize along with the relative who was in his dream.

According to him, he is planning to spend his winnings by setting up a charity and giving away the remaining money to his relatives.

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