Why Some Numbers Appear More Often Than Others In The Lottery

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How do you choose your lottery numbers? This is a question that many people reflect on. Did you know that some numbers are more common than others?


Filling in your lottery ticket should not be taken lightly, some numbers appear more often than others.


Lottery Numbers

The mystery of the lottery is the mystery of numbers. If you stop and think about it, everything has to do with numbers. The whole game is based on you guessing which numbers will hit on the day of the draw. Mathematicians and skeptics will tell you that this is a completely natural process, and that there’s a complete randomness to it all. Other people believe that it is possible that some lottery numbers are lucky numbers. And if you study lotteries historically you see that some numbers return again and again. But which numbers hit depends on which lottery you’re talking abo0ut, and which country you’re in. Sounds strange? You bet, but it’s true.


Lucky Numbers

Take the Mega Millions lottery for example. There are some lucky numbers that turn up more frequently than others. And it is exactly these numbers that lottery experts call lucky numbers. The science of analyzing lottery numbers is not an easy one. You need to have patience, creativity, and really immerse yourself in the data. For example, it is possible that a number has a strong presence in a certain time period. It’s almost like a certain number comes in a wave of sorts, or trend. The best way to analyze lottery numbers is therefore to look at these trends in various time frames. A little like a stock broker would analyze stock prizes. You could, for example, look at a 20, 30 or 50-week period. This may tell you that some numbers are stronger than others. But if you look at charts for 2, 3 or even  years, the story may be different.


Sample Numbers

Let’s take a specific example. In the Mega Millions lottery over the last 50 draws the numbers 4, 29 and 36 have had an exceptionally strong presence. The number 29 has been in the winners row 9 times out of 50! It is difficult to see that this is not a very strong indication that when it comes to this exact moment in time, the number 29 is a strong contender? Look, any number between 1 and 75 may appear. And over the course of 50 draws the number 29 appears nine times? People who study these things believe that you can see trends like this, and that it is important to act quickly. Trends could turn suddenly, and then there are other numbers that make strong appearances.


Lucky Number Strategies

No matter what you believe in, or not believe in – as may be the case, there are many other ways than lottery statistics to choose your lottery numbers. Most people, and this is a global trend, use dates of the birthdates of family and loved ones. And even if you don’t play the lottery regularly, I’m sure you have used this strategy at least once. It is extremely common. Let’s say your daughter’s birthday is the 10th of June, you could use the numbers 10 and 6 as your lucky lottery numbers. Add to it the birthdate of your wife, parents or other family members, and you may have a lottery ticket with your, personalized lottery numbers. This is the most preferred way of choosing lottery numbers. If you want, you could add the year of birth as well. If the year of birth of your daughter is 1983, for example, then you could use 1, 9, 8, 3 or even 19 and 8 and 3. There are many ways to use this method.


Lottery Number Data

If you want to analyze the lottery data that’s available a little more profoundly, you could by online software services that give you access to all relevant data for the lotteries. With this information you may go back many years and see for yourself exactly which numbers that won each and every draw in question. Use this information to try and see trends. One very interesting theory is called the Elliot Wave theory. It is based on a series of numbers called The Fibonacci Numbers. The theory is that numbers return in certain time periods called waves, and that you may see a predictable system behind complex matters such as the stock market and, more interestingly, the lottery. It has been written quite a lot about the Elliot Wave theory, but not specifically for lottery players. If you have the time it could be a very interesting road to go, and many big players in the stock market use these methods to predict stock movements and trends. If you want to try this, do some research online.


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Why Some Numbers Appear More Often Than Others In The Lottery
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