Lottery Syndicates Winners Stories

Lots of stories about individuals who have become instant millionaires in just a night abound in the news. However, not much publicity is given to those who have gotten the same fate by willing a lottery through syndication. Syndication is not generally a bad word when put in the context of lottery. It just simply means that there is a group of people who contribute an equal amount of money so that they can have higher chances of winning a prize at the lottery.


Happy day for ten staff


Many grand prizes have been won through this strategy. One of most famed is the £28,847,237 Euro Millions jackpot prize last 2012. This amount is recorded to be the 16th largest National Lottery prize in the history of United Kingdom. The winning combination of the lottery ticket was 49, 38, 31, 18, 16 with the lucky star numbers of 4 and 10.


The winner of this big prize was a lottery syndicate consisting of ten staff at a recruitment firm in Kirkby, Merseyside. They have all chosen to remain anonymous in the public. All of them failed to turn to work after the Euro Million results were announced. The office where they used to work seemed deserted considering that the group consists of members who work at different levels including administration and team leadership. Now the company’s HR department is having a hard time filling out the positions vacated by the lottery winners.


Filing of lawsuit

However, it is not just the firm who was unhappy with the turn out of the events but also Louise Whitby. This woman, is a 31-year old soon-to-be mom who happened to be absent on the day that the syndicate won the grand prize. Due to her morning sickness, she has failed to pay her share of £2 that day. Her lawsuit is aimed at making claim for a cut of the winning prize at the National High Court.


According to Whitby, she had been part of the syndicate for the past two years. Perceiving that she might not be able to attend work due to the unpredictable side effects of her pregnancy, she had asked if she can give her part in advance, but she had been refused.

All the ten staff each got £2.8million as their share from the winning. However, if Whitby will be awarded with the part that she claims to share, they will only be getting £2.5million each.


Not all that there is to it

Of course, not every syndicate winner story is like this. There is a group of office workers who equally divided their share of prizes without qualms. This group, who fondly called themselves “magnificent seven” after winning half of the Euro Million grand prize, shared £45,570,835.50 amongst themselves.


The syndicate includes Alex Parry, 19, Emma Cartwright, 23, James Bennett, 28, Sean Connor, 32, Ceri Scullion, 35 and Donna Rhodes, 39 and John Walsh, 57. They are all members of the Hewlett Packard IT department. Each of them banked £6.5 million after choosing to cash out instead of being paid in annuity.


Walsh, the syndicate leader, could not sleep at the night of the lottery draw so he ended up checking the Euro Millions results. He was flabbergasted at first and checked his office drawer first thing in the morning. When he confirmed that his syndicate got the proper combination, he excitedly called on everyone to give the good news.


It is all about trusting your syndicate


As you can see, the team dynamics matter. Being part of lottery syndicate will definitely increase your chances of winning. However, it will all be for naught if your group mates will not be fair in dividing the prize.


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