If You Won The Lottery…

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What would you do if you won the lottery? Say you won so many millions that money was no object. You could do whatever you wanted, knowing the future of you and your loved ones was secure. Anything you ever wanted to buy and any place you ever wanted to go, all suddenly and gloriously within your reach. What would you do first?

Want to go on an African safari? No problem. Go sky diving? You’ve got the cash for that. Visit Las Vegas? Maybe what happens there stays there, but you can stay there whenever you want. That convertible or stretch limo you’ve always wanted could appear in your driveway. Your new private jet could take you anywhere, day or night. What’s next? With the basics out of the way, it’s time to get creative!

You could buy your own amusement park. Build a theater in your house. A giant aquarium. A bowling alley. A half pipe, Ferris wheel, waterslide, or Olympic-sized swimming pool. Buy a private island. A replica of the Batmobile? It’s yours. A shark shaped submarine? You’re gonna need a bigger tank. That pet tiger, monkey or unicorn you always dreamed about? Okay, maybe the unicorn would be a little hard to get. You could swim in a pool of cash. Gold plate everything. And don’t forget your new jet pack!

The lottery always makes someone’s wildest dreams come true. So cross your fingers and pick those magic numbers. Today might just be your lucky day.

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