Icelotto Takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Icelotto Takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge

The #icebucketchallenge is hitting waves throughout the internet. The entire challenge is all about pouring a bucket full of ice water on top of your head however, in order to raise money for ALS however, there’s a catch. In order to qualify to the challenge you must be a, well, rich.


One cannot participate in the challenge himself or herself, but has to be chosen by someone else who is also qualified for the challenge. @MarkZuckerberg, who undertook the challenge tagged Bill Gates to the challenge. Others such as @JustinTimberlake and Martha Stewart are among those who took part in the ice bucket challenge, and the list goes on and on.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has become an ‘A list’ challenge, with a better indication of how’s how than Forbes Fortune 500. Being tagged or ‘challenged’ is another way of saying ‘You did it!’. Now, who wouldn’t want to be tagged? 


We at are taking these things very seriously, and we are going to make one of our clients the next Ice Bucket Challenger.  We intend to gather our biggest lottery winners and get them tagged to undertake the challenge. All in the name of charity, of course. We wish all of our clients good luck! ;)



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