How To Stay Anonymous When You Win The Lottery

How to stay anonymous when you win the lottery is a growing concern for lottery players and lottery winners alike. One of the most important aspects is how to claim lottery winnings anonymously. So let’s have a look at this topic.



Staying Anonymous

claim lottery winnings anonymouslyFinancial advice for lottery winners is important, but there are other concerns. Imagine that you’ve won that lottery prize. Maybe even for a fantastic sum of money. Millions of dollars, perhaps even tens or hundreds of millions. All is wonderful, right? Wrong. Because now your life has changed completely, and you are probably getting increasingly concerned about your privacy and security. These are issues that suddenly become incredibly important, but that virtually nobody even thinks about one iota when the start playing any lottery. But if you just stop for a minute, and think about what may happen, and all the different, scary scenarios, I’m sure that you will become interested in learning more about how to claim lottery winnings anonymously, as an example, in addition to the general financial advice for online lottery winners that everybody needs.




Extreme Life Changes

One of the things that will happen when you win the lottery, and if your name is divulged to the media, is that you will get an extreme amount of email and telephone calls. If you do not keep your name safe from the very beginning, this will happen, and once it’s done there is little to do. People you don’t know, and tens of thousands of them, will contact you to get some of your money. Complete strangers, some of them with a legitimate situation, most of them scammers and gold diggers. But the scary thing isn’t even the people you don’t know, because if you do not keep a lid on it, all your family and friends will start treating you in a completely different manner. Are you sure that you are willing to let this happen? Wouldn’t it be better if you had a think about these things before they happened? Think about the fact that once a piece of information is in the media; that’s it. It’ll be online forever, and beyond.

Securing your lottery winnings But not only the choice of whether you should keep your name private is important because some lottery winners that have chosen “full privacy” have later found out that the lottery privacy measures failed somewhere along the line. And that their name was leaked. How on earth can you avoid this? Are there ways of fool-proofing this so that you will have a maximum chance of a rich, but discrete and private, future? Well, according to experts this is possible, but you need to follow some pretty clear steps, and take a series of precautions. Preparation is key, and the expert tip is to inform yourself of all rules.



Lottery Privacy Rules

Different lotteries have different rules. But be aware that rules may change from state to state, as well. The best thing to do is always to take a little time to familiarize yourself with the rules of the lottery you’re playing. Once you’ve done this one time, you’re set, and completely informed. Icelotto is a lottery that is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. And this particular lottery has an extreme concern for any lottery winner’s privacy. Let’s take a look at a hypothetical example, to see what will happen to your privacy when you win a prize with them. Because Iclotto has a pretty good policy on these things. They may disclose information to certain authorities, tax authorities in particular. But being inside the European Union, all this information is classified. You will get a choice, initially, to whether you want to keep your name a secret, or whether you want to disclose it to the press. And the thing to note here is that nothing is done before the lottery has your answer. All lotteries have different rules, but most listen to their winners. And they all try to balance the need for the press or the population as a whole to know who won the lottery, with the lottery winner’s right to some degree of privacy. If you want to go an entirely anonymous route, you could hire the services of an attorney. But, again, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so do choose the people you trust carefully. Even fancy lawyers can be dangerous when it comes to massive lottery wins. You may be better off dealing with the lottery yourself directly.


But rest assured, there are ways of learning how to claim lottery winnings anonymously.

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