How to avoid Lottery Scams

Lottery scams

Lottery scams, a $10 billion a year industry, has become so prevalent in recent years, that people are losing faith in anything even remotely associated with lottery. We are constantly getting questions from people asking ‘I want to play but how do I know this is not a scam?’ so we have decided to give a brief explanation of what types of lottery scams are out there and how to avoid them.


Scam 1: You have won the Lottery!


The most common lottery scam, usually comes in the form of a letter or an obscure email, saying you have won an unbelievable amount, and in order to claim your winnings you would need to send over your bank details to pay off the taxes. Those alleged taxes are the profit of the scammers, and when the overall “winning” is over $100 Million the taxes can be thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.


Avoiding this type of scam is easy. First, think did you even fill-out a lottery ticket recently? how could you win if you didn’t even play, right? Second, assuming you did play the lottery recently, those letters never mention which lottery you have won.. Say you played the Powerball lottery, EuroMillions or LaPrimitiva, you know which lottery you played and if your winning announcement does not mention it then it’s probably a scam. Finally, always check the winning numbers for the specific draw you are said to have won. If you discover that your numbers were no where near the actual winning numbers of that draw.. well, then unfortunately you did not win anything.


Scam 2: The Elaborate Lottery Scam

The elaborate scam is a scam the pretends to be an official lottery operator. These type of scams are normally online, and have a facade of an official lottery website like EuroJackpot for example. This website will look exactly like the real official website and would have the same features. The only difference is, that your payment will go directly to the pocket of the scammers and you can forget about ever getting your lottery tickets not to mention winnings.


To avoid this scam, one must be vigilant. Inspect the URL line of the website, official website would not have spelling mistakes or dashes on the URL name. for example if the URL line says (notice, there is only one ‘l’ at the end) , then it is probably not the official website and you making this spelling mistake is exactly what scammers are counting on. In addition, you should make sure the payment pages are SSL secure. The easiest way to spot this is when the URL line at the top of your browser turns green. There other security measures you should note like certificates, and various official online security validation sites like Norton SafeWeb and Mcafee Secure. If you encounter these sites, simply get yourself out of there as fast as you can, and find a trusted lottery website to do your online lottery purchase on.


We at hope these tips were useful, and that your online lottery experience would be enjoyable.

Good luck in your next draw ;)


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