How to Avoid Lottery Scams 2.0

How to avoid Lottery Scams

Each year, new stories surface over the web regarding scam attempt and lottery in particular. Only recently a 26 years old Mikhail Gorbachev George Williams (yes, that’s his real name according to local police) plead Guilty to his charges after being a part of scam in which senior US citizens were falsely told they had won a Jamaican lottery and were asked to send out payments over fictional taxes and handling fees in order for them to claim their so called ‘Grand Prize’. This criminal offender is now serving 6 years in federal prison. Sadly, due to these ‘rotten apples’, people are losing faith in anything even remotely associated with lottery. We at icelotto would like to put your mind at ease and reassure you in regards of our services. As you surly know by now, icelotto serves as an online lottery courier service, providing you with the opportunity of world-wide lottery participation. All of our pages are secured. icelotto uses SSL Security protocol, employing top professionals, maintaining the latest security standards in the industry 24/7, in order to make sure your account is secured and your purchase is safe with us! Also- with these simple (yet crucial) tips- you will be able to make your online purchases at ease.


“Congratulations- You Won!” 




What an incredible way to start off your email reading, isn’t it? An email in your inbox, announcing that you are a new millionaire and all you have to do is… STOP! First, check who is behind this “blissful announcement” before leaving your job. Ask yourself- ‘did you enter any lottery draw?’ Unless it was with icelotto which provides you a proof of purchase which you have chosen, why on earth will you be contacted over something you never did? Many forget to check themselves and from the fear of losing the time frame of prize collection- send out personal details with no second thought. Remember that for each prize claim there is a time frame which is usually between 6 to 12 months!


‘False Websites’


Nowadays, creating your own domain and website is an easy process and anyone with a bit of connections or computer skills can upload a new site feature. So how can one avoid such scam and make sure your online purchase is safe? First, check the sites credentials. Is the URL clear? Spelled correctly? Is it an official website? Additionally, does it have a proper known security system? For example: EuroMillions websites come by the abundance. If you see that EuroMilions has one L instead of two- odds are that it is not a legit website. Additionally, make sure to check the Green Lock Symbol and the HTTPS (stands for ‘secured’) which indicated whether the specific page is secured.



scam 5



‘Payment Options Accepted’


Besides wire transfers that are executed by your bank after reviewing the sending address- many websites allow you to enter your credit card details smoothly with no actual proven validation of your purchase. icelotto works along with various payment options’ companies such as VISA, MasterCard and other debit cards. Additionally, icelotto is fully licensed with McAffe security system, GeoTrust and Norton ‘Safe Web’ system and when you purchase a ticket with icelotto- you are the legal owner of your ticket along with proof of purchase provided both in your account and your confirmation email.


‘Phone Calls are OK, question is – who is calling?’ 



Did you know that icelotto has its very own customer support call center? Oh yes, we do! Our team of professionals offers full support and great offers for you to enjoy, simply because we care! So next time you hear one of our representatives on the line- do not fear, this is not a scam, but just to make sure, you are always entitled to ask questions. We are not offended by customers who are a bit suspicious, in fact- we encourage it! All of our phone calls are monitored to ensure you are in good hands and that your account is handled with the out-most respect, yourself included of course! Also, should you have any questions which is not answered on our FAQ page- do feel free to contact our Support Center at any time by emailing us at



To sum it up

Lottery Scams are out there, we cannot say it is non-existing. Trust is a valuable thing and we, at icelotto, value each and every customer individually.  With our fully operational customer support and call center, live chat assistance and email correspondence- strive always to enable you with the utmost of your lottery experience. In hope you will not be discouraged ever again when choosing your online lottery provider- whether it is the US Powerball or the Spanish La Primitiva- your purchase is safe with us!


For more reading about lottery scams, see our previous posts on the subject.

May your online lottery experience, be safe and enjoyable. Good luck!

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