History of Lottery Games

There are reports that lottery games have been around since biblical times. Many ancient civilizations engaged in different forms of gambling and some were sanctioned by the governments or regimes in power at the time. Ancient lotteries included those that started around 200 BC to help fund the Great Wall of China and those at upscale Roman Empire dinner parties. The more modern history of lottery as it applies to the United States goes back to the mid 18th century with early settlers, many of these orchestrated by founding fathers of the country. In recent times, lottery has grown as large as ever with over 40 states and territories participating and billions of dollars being paid out annually in lottery results.

Ancient Lottery

It was reported that Moses from the bible use to play lotto and once won land by the Jordan River. This additionally showcases the historical presence of lottery and gambling in the world. China’s Hun Dynasty was one of the first documented major operations of a lottery in the world. In 1530, Florence, Italy held one of the first major lotteries in Europe and distributed cash winnings. Soon in 1539, France held its own version of a lottery ran by King Francis I to help with the nation’s debt. In 1567 Queen Elizabeth held the first ever English lottery with gift and cash prizes. King James I held the first London lottery in 1612 that helped fund the Jamestown colony in America.

Modern American Lottery History

Lotteries became popular in the United States after it’s independence. It was used to help fund many aspects of the groundwork for building a new nation. In the mid 1800’s, corruption and church pressure began to shun and attempt to ban gambling and lotteries. The lottery and all gambling became illegal in most of the United States by the turn of the 20th century. The 1960’s saw a resurgence of gambling and people wanting to play lottery in the country and it began becoming legal again. Now the American lottery is as popular as ever and continues to grow with millions that play Powerball.

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