Google Search Reveled – Husband won the lottery, but never told his wife

Donna Campbell never saw it coming.. Her suspicion started rising after noticing her husband disconnected the phone line and kept the television off at all times. When a postcard came about a new house purchase, which Donna obviously knew nothing about, she decided to look into it.

Out of mere curiosity Campbell Googled her husbands name to discover that he was hiding $10.2 million. She found a press release naming 17 people who recently won the jackpot. Astonished and baffled she saw her husband’s name included in the list. She went ahead and matched the lottery results with the numbers she knew her husband always played.

Donna is waiting to track her husband down, who hasn’t been since at his work or home, to serve him the lawsuit papers – Demanding half of his winnings and out of the marriage.




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