EuroMillions SuperDraw is back!


The official committee of Euromillions have announced that the next Euromillions SuperDraw event will be held on Friday, March 6th 2015.


Euromillions SuperDraw Rules:

Euromillions Superdraws are special draws with a guaranteed starting jackpot of €100,000,000. With the usual Euromillions jackpot starting at €15,000,000, it explains why so many people are excited with anticipation to the Superdraw event. Like on all EuroMillions draws the rules are the same, just the jackpot starts at a higher sum. In case no one matches all the 5 numbers and 2 lucky stars, the jackpot will roll over until it reaches the pre-defined cap of €190,000,000. In case no one matches all winning numbers after the cap has been reached then the jackpot of €190,000,000 would go to the next winning tier. In other words, you could have matched only 1 or 2 numbers but if no one did better, then you can be the winner.


Some History about the SuperDraw:


The first Superdraw event took place on Tuesday May 10th, 2011 when the new game format was introduced: two more lucky stars were added (11 instead of 9) and a winning tier of Match 2 with no lucky numbers was added. 


The last Superdraw event took place almost 5 months ago on October 3rd, 2014. Six roll-overs later, the jackpot reached the cap of €190,000,000 and had been won by one lucky person from Portugal. Earlier the same year, the June 2014 Superdraw was cancelled due to the fact that the regular jackpot exceeded the €100,000,000 jackpot, and on March 2014 the Superdraw jackpot had been won after only 2 roll-overs at the sum of €107,000,000.


How to play the Euromillions Superdraw?

Besides being s special Euromillions event, there is no difference between playing a regular Euromillions ticket to a Superdraw ticket. All you need to do is select 5 lucky numbers and 2 more lucky stars. You can buy your Superdraw tickets online securely with tickets courier services such as Only official ticket courier services like actually purchase the real tickets for you using official lottery agents. You ticket will be purchased on your behalf and uploaded for you to see on your Account up to 30 min. before each draw. In addition, online vendors have other advantages such as special prices, offers promotions and strategic game options such as playing as part of a group.


Why should I play as part of a lottery Group?

A lottery group is normally comprised of up to 150 participants sharing a large number of tickets for each and every draw. With each participant gets 55 tickets per draw, but the real advantage lays in the number combinations. The 55 tickets cover all possible combinations of the 11 lucky stars, meaning every group wins every draw. If the lottery group managed to match only the 2 lucky stars, then the win is insignificant (pretty much covers the ticket cost). However, since the chances to win the jackpot are increasingly higher than playing a personal ticket then spiting €190,000,000 by 150 doesn’t sound that bad at all. It basically makes it a risk-free lottery with a chance of winning €127,000,000 for each participant!


Where do I sign up you ask? simply buy your Euromillions ticket, choose whether you want to buy a personal or a group ticket and you are one step closer to winning!


How do I know if I won?

Whether you bought tickets for the Euromillions lottery, or any other lottery you can always check you results as soon as they come in. There are 3 informative pages you would be interested in when checking your results. The first being the results for all the lotteries offered at This is where you can follow up on whether there was a roll-over or a payout for all the lotteries at one place. This is especially useful to those who purchased tickets for more than one lottery at a time. You can see all the latest results here. Second, is the dedicated results page per lottery. Take the Euromillions for example, on the Euromillions results page you can see all current and past results. Finally, you would want to check your personal account where you will see your tikcet with your numbers and see if you won and how much.






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