EU Euro-Millions – A Winner Story

A recently formed transnational lottery is gaining much popularity as its jackpot prize rolls over to more than £100 million every week. Euro-Millions is now in its ninth year in giving away millions of euros for those who are lucky enough to win through this avenue. The original countries who participated in this transnational lottery include Spain, United Kingdom and France and were later on joined by Switzerland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Ireland, Belgium and Austria.


The Biggest Ever Euromillions Winner


A lot of Europeans have joined the craze especially now that that jackpot prizes are getting bigger and bigger. A winner of Euromillion lottery amounting to more than £100 million can easily be listed as one of the top richest individual in its country of origin.

Such is what happened to Colin and Christine Weir who became UK’s biggest-ever lottery winners after bagging Euromillion’s jackpot prize of £161 million on July 2011. Having won this huge amount instantly took them out of any financial difficulty in life. They were also listed as 22nd richest couple in Ireland. However, this financial blessing did not come without complications.

Instantly after announcing their identity in the press, they were bombarded with hundreds of letters asking for cash. This led to them moving to Spain for a while and exchanging their £180,000 three-bedroom home for a much cozier mansion that amounts to £850,000. Their home was immediately put into good use by generously donating it to their neighbor.

This act of generosity is just one of the many things they did for others after acquiring a huge amount of money. Other acts of kindness also include Mr. Weir’s donation of £750,000 to his hometown’s local football team, Largs Thistle and £ 900,000 for the building of a sports arena in the same area. The couple had also been kind enough to support medical concerns of kids like the revolutionary surgery for a girl with cerebral palsy and the acquisition of prosthetic limb for a boy with cancer. Both donations amount to a five-figure sum. Donations were also given by the couple to aid the home for the elderly in their locality. They also sponsored the career of a fifteen-year old racing driver and bought cars for their relatives and friends. The biggest amount that they are about to give is a seven-figure pledge to SNP for their campaign for independence from the United Kingdom.


How to get started


You too can be as lucky as the Weir couple if you take the first step in buying a ticket amounting to £ 2 or any equivalent local currency amount. There is an option in countries like Portugal and Ireland to add an additional amount so that the amount of the prize can double if you win.

The numbers that you will be choosing from ranges one to fifty for the main pool. Furthermore, you have to select two different numbers from one to eleven for the lucky star category. The odds of winning a prize is 1 in 13 which is a fairly large chance. Statisticians have predicted that those who participate have more chances of winning larger amount on Tuesdays rather than Fridays.

Drawing of winning numbers happen at Paris every Tuesday and Friday at 8:45 pm. Euromillions results are then released via independent and associated websites at 9:00 pm. You may buy Euro Millions lottery ticket online or in any licensed stores around Europe.


Joining a lottery for a good cause


Euromillions is not only responsible in making individuals a millionaire overnight but also in providing for resources for social work. This organization is known to contribute £35 million at the National Lottery Good Causes in the United Kingdoms every week.


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