Biggest prizes on the history of lottery

You would be keeping your fingers crossed when you play lottery games. When you play powerball online or when you want to play euro millions, you can expect to win, but you may not be the winner always. This is because the odds of winnings are one in hundreds of millions. This means that at times, you might not win for years and you lose hope. A few win on a fine day, while many keep trying again and again. You need to stick to the game when it comes to the lotto game. Do not forget to buy lottery ticket, if you want to win and never lose hope. Here are a few interesting stories on the biggest prizes received by people in the history of lottery games. These should boost you up and let you get the tickets with hope.


The mega millions game of California actually had let the players to win $656 million as the jackpot. The prize fund had been shared among 6 people. The winnings for each were $218 million. The Butlers from Illinois, the three Amigos from Maryland and another anonymous winner shared the prizes. The three amigos were a group of 3 teachers. Out of the 6 winners, the Butlers were the only two to turn up to collect the prize in public. They too were too shy about on how to spend the prize money they had received.
The $390 million jackpot was shared by the Eddie Nabors of Georgia and New Jersey’s Messengers. Eddie Nabors said that the money would be spent on buying a house for his daughter, fishing boat for his son and for clearing the mortgage of his mother and sibling.
Jim and Carolyn McCullar from Washington won $380 million in the year of 2007. The McCullars had 6 children on whom they intended to spend the money. They also planned to donate a part of the winnings to the charity. They wanted their winnings to be shared by the generations to come in the future.
An interesting case of prize money of $380 million came up in 2011, when holly Lahti of Idaho won it. She was a customer service professional, and had quit her job and went on hiding as soon as she received the prize money. This was because she was a single mother, who had not yet received divorce legally from her husband. As per the laws of Idaho, her husband had a share of her winnings. Many people offered her congratulations and support over the social networking sites.


A group of 8 employees of ConAgro meat packing plant had won $356 in 2009. What is interesting about this Nebraskan employees is that 5 of the employees reported to their graveyard shift even after they knew that they are millionaires. Only 3 of the 8 had quit their jobs. In 2011, seven people from the IT department shared $319 million jackpot. They had planned to spend it on the education of children, new cars and other necessities.

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