Australian Fashion Undergraduate Wins the American Lottery


Australian Fashion Undergraduate Wins the American Lottery


A phone interview with the youngest lottery winner at icelotto:


Haley, a 20 year old second year under-graduate student for Fashion studies at the TAFE Queensland, Brisbane had her mind set to make it on the fashion industry.

Fashion has always been my passion, she explains. Since I was a child it has been my dream to work in the fashion industry.


I had my future all planned out, I’d go to college and get my degree, start an internship and slowly work my way until I can open my own fashion boutique with my own designs.


Lotto is like a ritual to me

I’m a great believer in luck.  I used to go with my dad once a week and we each filled out a ticket. I always played the same numbers and sometimes even won.


Playing Lotto has always been  like a ritual to me, but with my tight schedule during my studies and my after-school job as a part-time waitress I just kept missing out on drawings.


This is when I found icelotto. I could play my OzLotto and some other lotteries and be all done within 5 minutes on my laptop. You can laugh if you want! but I always felt that my lucky day will someday arrive and sure enough it finally did!


Lotto Booth

Local Lotto Store in Queensland Australia


Then came the phone call – ‘You won $1 million’

It was on a Sunday and I was hanging out with some friends from college. We’ve had a few drinks, and I almost missed your phone call!

When I answered and was told I just won the US Powerball lotto I literally could not believe it. I only tried playing the US lottery once, and used the same lucky numbers I always do.

A serious voice on the other side just told me that I matched 5 numbers and won $1,000,000!  


Haley became an overnight celebrity in her college and hometown, but prefers to stay as anonymous as possible. I want people to judge me for my talent. this lotto win is a definite life-changer, but I have no intentions of to let it change my plans.





I’m going to chase my dream!

Nothing changed as far as I’m concerned. I still plan to finish my studies and chase my dream to open my own boutique.

I guess now everything became more tangible, and I can actually do what I’ve always dreamed of.

I don’t need to worry about taking any loans, and can just do what I love.




I’m going to chase my dream! How many people can really do that? I feel so lucky and blessed!



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