3 Giant Jackpots won in less than 3 weeks

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Quite an unbelievable jackpot winning streak has ended last night as the Powerball lottery jackpot of $136,000,000 had been won.


This winning streak takes us back almost 3 weeks ago to February 27th, when after weeks of roll-overs the Megamillions lottery jackpot of $127,000,000 was hit! The winning numbers were matched by a sole winner who bought his ticket in New York City, yet hasn’t come forward to claim their prize yet.


“Whoever purchased this ticket is about to have their life changed forever,” said Gardner Gurney, Acting Director of the Division of the Lottery. “We urge the ticketholder to sign the back of your ticket and keep it in a safe place, and when you’re ready to claim, we look forward to meeting you.”


Running almost neck to neck with the Megamillions lottery, was the European Euromillions lottery that had just announced a special ‘SuperDraw’ event which started on March 6th. The ‘SuperDraw’ event meant that the Jackpot rose automatically to €100,000,000 and when it reaches the cap of €190,000,000 someone has to win. The closest match would simply take the entire pot whether he matched all numbers or not.


Incredibly, on the very first draw of the Euromillions ‘SuperDraw’ the jackpot was hit by a single person from Portugal who matched all 5 numbers and 2 lucky stars and scooped the entire sum of 100 million euros. The ‘SuperDraw’, which one of the biggest lottery events in the world and takes place only 3 or 4 times a year, did not last a single day!


In the meantime, roll-over after roll-over the US Powerball lottery has gradually gained momentum and with the demise of the Euromillions lottery the Powerball lottery finally surfaced as the world’s biggest lottery . It started with a $119 million jackpot which rose to $127 million and was finally won last night on March 14th on a jackpot of $136,000,000! Again, just one very lucky person won the entire jackpot.


Such a turmoil on the lottery world does not happen very often, but believe it or not it’s not all about those 3 lucky winners.. All the 2nd 3rd and 4th prize winners deserve some acknowledgement as, after all, an average 2nd tier winner wins about $2 Million while 3rd and 4th prize winners can win anywhere between $50,000 to $1 Million!


Though, none of the three jackpot winners played with icelotto.com, we are extremely proud to announce that 316 lucky winners who bought their lottery tickets at icelotto.com have won in the past 3 weeks an average prize of around $2500 each! YES, nearly $800,000 in prize winnings had been distributed to our valued members in the past 3 weeks alone. 


If you too are interested to learn how you can play and win any of the biggest lotteries in the world, simply open your account and gain access to a world of opportunities.

Good luck!


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