The philosophy of lottery games

Why do we play lottery games? Is it because we know that everything in our lives will improve if we just win one big jackpot? Do we perhaps think that money is the key to happiness? Or maybe we’d like, just for once, to get a large return on a small investment?

Probably not. We play lottery games because the anticipation of possibly winning is exciting. We play because it allows us to dream about winning big. We play so we can hope to be the one who wins. We play because we enjoy planning what we’ll do with the money if we really do win. We play for the amusement we get from the game, and we play so we can pretend for a little while that it could happen to us this time. We play with our friends so we can share the excitement. We play because we’re curious about the game’s outcome. We play the lottery for the same reason that we played games when we were young.

We play because it’s fun. And we play because somewhere, sometime, someone is going to win. And who knows? Maybe this time around it will be our turn to win.

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