The Advantages of Lottery Syndicates

Not many individuals knew that being part of a group is a great strategy for increasing your chances in lottery. A lot of people thought that winning the lottery can only be achieved by individually buying tickets and hoping that the combinations that they have come up with will be chosen.


However, playing in a group has been approved by the national board as a legit strategy in increasing the odds of winning. This strategy is called syndicating. A lot may have a natural aversion to this word considering that its most popular meaning is related to crimes and drug abuse; however, when put in the context of lottery, a syndicate is simply a group of players who share the cost of a ticket so that they can play more games.


For instance, you and eight of your friends decided to form a syndicate and decided to contribute a dollar or two for a draw. Instead of just getting one set of mixed numbers for yourself, you will have 9 combinations which you will share with your friends, thus giving you nine times more chances of winning. When you do, you will share equally in the prize. If you win a $100,000 then you will all get $ 11,111 approximately considering that there is no tax. Surely the amount is lower, but it is definitely better than getting nothing because you have lesser chance of winning.








How to get started?

Forming a syndicate simply starts with inviting people to invest with you. The number is totally up to you. In many situations, the members of your syndicate are your friends and close kin. However, this does not mean that your agreement should be informal. In fact, it should be the complete opposite. You need to set up some ground rules and even write a formal contract so that when you do win, there will be equal opportunities for all of you. One of the most crucial parts is choosing a manager or a treasurer. Under the National Lottery Game Rules, there is only one person who will be named winner of the prize. Therefore, you have to appoint someone whom you know will never keep the money for himself only.


Luckily, we at icelotto are able to give you the ability to play with up to 150 other people with tons of tickets. You pay only a fraction of your tickets worth, and increase your winning odds X50 or more!




The benefits of having a syndicate manager is that he will be the one responsible for the maintenance of the agreement, collection of funds, purchasing of tickets, checking for the lottery results, and dividing the prizes between all players. If you are not this person, then all you have to do is contribute money to the pot and wish that lady luck is on your side.


Beneficial alternatives in joining terminal syndicates

If you are not into the idea of forming a syndicate with your friends and loved ones, then you can just ask a lottery retailer if there is already one in the area. If there is, then get a background check and decide wisely if that group of people can be trusted. Preferably, you should choose an online official lottery retailer such as and form a group using its service. 

One of the good things in being part of a syndicate connected with a terminal is that they already have a concrete set of rules. For instance, there are some who requires at least five members that will shell out $5 each. Through this system, you will have 25 combinations instead of just five that have a chance in winning prizes.

Being part of a syndicate whether you knew the people personally or not is probably the most practical strategy in lottery. It will give you the highest probability of winning with the least amount of effort on your part. Do not be afraid to take risk because if you don’t, you might be missing out on a lot and not know it.

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