7 time lottery jackpot winner reveals his secrets.

Richard Lustig the seven time lottery jackpot winner has recently published a book explaining how to increase your winning chances to win the lottery. According to him, there is a well refined method that when applied properly helps win the jackpot. Lustig says that although the odds always seem against you when playing the lottery, those odds can be significantly improved by playing smart.


The book speaks of following the losing numbers, in contrast to following the winning ones.  Those numbers that are repeatedly losing, have in fact a higher chance of winning, after a losing streak.


He also recommends following lottery websites that give special lottery combination that one person alone cannot get. Lottery Groups, he says are one of the best ways to play for many tickets at the lowest cost. The odds of winning prizes higher than $1000 increase when you increase the amount you pay for lottery tickets. He shows this logic and explains through mathematical equations how to beat the system.

On a final note, Lustig exclaims – ‘If you do get lucky and hit the jackpot, use your money to pay off debts before going on a shopping spree for a new house or car’.


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