Euromillions – lucky numbers and strategies

Winning the EuroMillions can make you a millionaire overnight. This popular international multi-country lottery game offers some of the biggest rolling jackpot lottery game. To win the Euromillions lottery, you need luck for sure. However, a few simple strategies and game plans will surely help you to win lotto for sure.


Odds and Evens:


Before planning to buy lottery ticket, you can always select your Euro Millions Lotto numbers. To have the best possible chance of winning, try to choose a ticket with a relatively even mix of even and odd numbers. This is because most lottery draws are based on mix of odd and even numbers. Rarely, lottery tickets are drawn solely based on odd or even numbers. The best mix is to choose is 2/3 or 3/2. That means you can select a ticket with three odd and two even or vice versa.


High-low lotto number:


Many winning tickets feature high-low mix of numbers. For an instance, if you see a ticket with 1 and 25 numbers, you may consider buying it. All high and all low numbers are rarely drawn. Therefore, choosing a high-low combination is always advisable. Winning results of EuroMillions shows 64 percent high-low numbers.


Group Strategies:


You can also apply some group strategies in order to choose the best possible ticket for winning lotto. For example, you can pick a combination that has maximum number groups. You can spend some time in studying number groups so that you can find the best possible number group featuring ticket for your Euromillion lottery winning. The big advantage of playing with a group is that you can guarantee you cover all the lucky star combination for each draw. A common Euromillions group consists of a min. of 55 tickets per draw which means all 11 lucky star combinations are surely matched, and the ticket is already a winner. You can give it a try and join a Euromillions Group by select the ‘group purchase’ option and get a taste of the power of lottery groups. 


Although winning in lottery depends on your luck, you can always try to use your strategies. All these above listed strategies can also help you winning a big lump sum of money. Read through the winning history of EuroMillions and learn more about groups, combinations, and odd-even winning percentage before buying lottery ticket.


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