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EuroMillions or Euro Lotto is a rising transnational lottery that was launched back in February 2004 at Paris, France. From the three countries that originally participated in this platform, there are now a total of nine that join in the weekly draws. Official draws occur every Tuesday and Friday at 8:45 CET in Paris. The prizes can range from €4 to a minimum millions of euros. The prizes are to be redeemed in lump sum and are tax-free unless the winners bought the ticket at Portugal, Switzerland or Spain.


Ticket cost

The cost is approximately € 2 per line played. The amount actually varies depending on the local currency. A ticket bought in UK costs more because the purchase automatically guarantees an entry to the Millionaire Raffle game.

Interested individuals can buy Euro Millions lottery tickets online or at any licensed shop. Whoever holds the ticket during the claiming of the prizes is the rightful owner. Therefore, if you lose the copy of the ticket that you purchased offline, then you have no more right if someone redeems the prize for you.


Game basics

The EuroMillions play slip consists of four sets of numbered boxes which are called boards. These boards may be classified as “luck star numbers” which are found on the right side and “main boards” which are found in the left. You are to select two different numbers which ranges from 1 to 11 for the lucky star division and five other numbers that ranges from 1 to 50 for the main boards. Anyone is allowed to play and win provided that the age of the player is within legal age. The allowable age is 16 for UK nationals while 18 for all other countries. You can only claim the prize in the country where your ticket is issued.


Winning probabilities

If you are lucky enough to get all five numbers for the main board and the two lucky numbers for the lucky star, then you win the jackpot prize. It is estimated that the chances of winning such is 1 in 116,531,800. However, if you are content in simply doubling your money then all you need to get are two correct main numbers. The chance of winning is just 1 in 13 which is a very high probability. The jackpot prize for the week is dependent upon currency exchange, number of sold tickets, and number of individuals who chose the same combination as you did.  See all past and current Euromillions results.


Claiming of prizes

United Kingdom has a limit of 180 days for prizes to be claimed; others have shorter deadline period compared to this country’s limit. If prizes are not claimed within the deadline, the winner’s right is made void and the money is then allocated to a fund for Good Causes.


Country deviations

United Kingdom has its Millionaire Raffle wherein two players from this country will surely win a million-worth of pounds sterling. Back in 2009, only one player is guaranteed to win; however, by 2011, the association has decided to add another one to be guaranteed as an instant millionaire.

Ireland has also integrated an additional feature in its EuroMillions game called EuroMillions Plus. Through this feature, a player can automatically be part of another draw that has a top prize of €500,000 by just paying an extra €1 per line. The introduction of EuroMillions Plus was made possible because of the game’s success which was able to entice around €145 million sales per week starting 2006.


Rollover rules

Rollovers occur when the jackpot for the week is not won by anyone. Starting November 2009, the rollover limit was set to €190,000,000. If this amount is not won after two draws then the amount will be distributed to individuals who won in the second level.



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