5 People Who Won the Lottery Twice!

5 lottery winners

The possibility of winning the lottery is far from impossible. It is that very hope that keeps many of us coming back to try our luck again and again, it’s the reason why we continue to play the lotto. That being said, the odds of winning the lottery are slim, with the payouts being incredibly life changing. Winning the lottery more than once in one’s lifetime should be completely unheard of, strangely enough, it is not unheard of at all. The following are stories of five of the luckiest lottery winners of all time.

  • A Canada woman had been playing the lotto for approximately twenty five years with little success when she went to sleep at night and visualized some playing numbers in her mind. As soon as she awoke, she jotted the numbers down on a piece of paper which turned out to be a very smart move on her part. She went to a couple of shops and picked up two lottery tickets, for the numbers she dreamed up. She was thrilled when both of her numbers won her 8 million dollars each, for a total of 16,000,000. Now that’s what you call living the dream!
  • Many lottery players will buy a couple of tickets at a time. Buying two lottery tickets at a time will double your chances of winning the lottery. One man from Michigan decided to buy a ticket, only to have his family buy him another ticket with his special numbers on it for him as a present. Later on, when he got a call that he’d won, he realized that he’d not only one once, but twice! He made $ 546,000 for his family that day.
  • Thought these individuals won despite the odds?! A Mr. Mike McDermott managed to win the lottery twice, while using the same numbers on both of the tickets that he purchased in the exact same store! He got 200,000 pounds in 2007 and then another 120,000 pounds in 2008. As you can imagine, he bought a beautiful house for him and his wife, and of course, he retired early. It seems that being a creature of habit really pays!
  • United States resident Robert Hamilton truly experienced the American dream, as he went from in debt to making it big financially. Robert won a one million dollar prize which he spent very wisely on paying back his loans, buying himself a house, and reinvesting his money in his company. He was pleasantly surprised when just three months later he won an additional million bucks! This time, he didn’t have too many expenditures in mind, and with his winnings he bought a motorcycle and put the rest into a savings account for his future.
  • Bill won a $170,000 car off of a scratch n’ win ticket and became famous for it. It was an especially noteworthy win for him since he’d had a major near death experience just a year earlier. He was asked to make a TV appearance, and when he stood up and reenacted his scratch n’ win moment on air, he won again! This time, he walked away with $170,000, or should we say he drove away with the money, in his new car…
5 People Who Won the Lottery Twice!
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