The EuroMillions SuperDraw is Coming!

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All eyes are on Europe as the EuroMillions SUPER DRAW will take place on Friday 5th June 2015 with a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million (estimated £81 million depending on currency rates).




A little bit of EuroMillions History


The EuroMillions is the world’s first international multi-country lottery game. The lottery was launched in 2004 and the first EuroMillions draw held on Friday the 13th of February in Paris. Initially, Spain, France and the UK were the only participating countries however, they were joined later that year by a further six countries; Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland. The first EuroMillions winner is Dolores McNamara, a 45-year-old mother of six from Garryowen, Limerick, Ireland. She won £77 Million in July 2005. Being one of the world’s leading lotteries and features some of the biggest cash prizes, it also offers occasional Super Draws in which the Jackpot amount begins at an initial large sum which is considered tempting to any keen lottery fan. The very first one took place on Friday the 9th of February 2007. The special Super Draw, held on Tuesday May 10th 2011, marked the introduction of the Tuesday Euromillions’ draw and changes to the Euromillions lottery game format. They included a further prize division (2 main numbers and no lucky stars) and 11 lucky stars instead of 9.


The largest jackpot in EuroMillions history was won and collected by Colin and Chris Weir from Lars, North Ayrshire in 2011, surpassing not only the UK but, Europe’s biggest winners, their staggering whopping win of €185,000,000 was claimed in joy!


.   Colin and Chris Weir


SuperDraws are announced at any time but are normally held to celebrate anniversaries or special occasions. They operate under the same rules as regular draws and the only difference is the size of the guaranteed jackpot. Like a regular draw, if there are no top prize winners, the jackpot will continue to roll until it reaches the Jackpot cap which in the EuroMillions case, it is €190 Million! The jackpot fund for EuroMillions Superdraws is subsidised by the EuroMillions Booster Fund, which receives 8.6% of the Common Prize Fund from each regular EuroMillions draw.

The previous EuroMillions Superdraw was held on Friday the 6th of March. In the last Super Draw of 2014, an anonymous player from Portugal won the full, maximum-cap jackpot of €190 million, or approximately £145.6 million!

Winning EuroMillions Results were: 23; 30; 47; 49; 50 along with 2 and 7 being the correct Lucky Stars.


Prize Breakdown for the last EuroMillions Super Draw:


EuroMillions SD Prize division

A EuroMillions Super Draw offers a pre-determined amount of money generally €100 million or approximately £76.6 million usually. The awarded amount is calculated by adding money from a special Super Draw fund to whatever the current EuroMillions jackpot amount is. Therefore Super Draws tend to take place when there is already some money built up.   Events draws are similar to Super Draws, usually setting the jackpot at €100 million, regardless of its current amount. The main difference is that an Event Draw will always celebrate a specific event and the prize money does not “roll over” if it is not won. In contrast to a Super Draw, if no one wins prize money on an Event Draw it will roll down” to the next tiers until all of it is exhausted. This means Events draws will usually produce more winners but do not have the opportunity to grow to the same size as a Super Draw. The best example of an Events Draw is the annual EuroMillions Christmas lottery. Same as several ,main global lotteries.


Lucky and the not so lucky


With €100,000,000 for the taking- we know what you may think. “Do I really have a shot at this?” YES! You do! First of all, it is a well-known fact that in order to take part- you will need to have a ticket. Luckily, this is where we come in with several numbers selection options and constant promotions in order to provide you with the best tools out there and assist you in bringing home the millions! Just in case, here are two highly publicized Lottery winners’ stories from past draws that might change your mind over what is or is not possible in the world of high Jackpot Lotteries;


Dave and Angela Dawes – 2011


EuroMillions winners

EuroMillions winners


In October 2011 Dave and Angela Dawes cashed a £101 million Super Draw prize. Infamously the couple drew up a list of 20 people with whom to share a portion of their prize with, leading to rejected family and friends, including her teenage son, coming out of the woodwork with smear stories about how Angela had abandoned her family for Dave. The couple has since had a lavish marriage ceremony, relocated to London and started their own charity. Splendid!


The ‘Not So Lucky Winner’ Andrew Louden – 2013



pranker over EuroMillions win

Pranker over EuroMillions win



Andrew Louden from Scotland became famous for not winning the EuroMillions Super Draw which took place on June 7, 2013! After the factory worker had his friend post on his Facebook wall congratulating him on his Super Draw win Andrew’s account was flooded with friend requests, including one from his ex-girlfriend! Eventually Andrew decided to admit to his deception stating to the Edinburgh Evening News that “it was a joke which got out of hand. Let’s just say, we do not have a good feeling about his Ex-Girlfriend… oh well.


The Perfect time to go for the top prize!


Super Draws not only give lotto players a chance to win grand prizes but also generates a ridiculous amount of publicity for the EuroMillions, from which it profits by increased ticket sales.

That can also increase the Jackpot amount!





So who can participate?


We at icelotto are here to give you the perfect solution to all of your lottery desires! You too can take part in world lotteries no matter you are and increase your chances of winning the €100 million EuroMillions jackpot.


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The Europe EuroMillios is right around the corner, taking on Friday 5th June 2015 with a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million, where are you going to be?


Do not wait for the last minute; get your EuroMillions tickets now!




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