Euro millions Lottery – spotlight

Do you believe in lucky and unlucky dates? If yes, then you would be probably avoiding the 13th and especially if it falls on a Friday. But, for a few it happened to be so that Friday the 13th actually brought millions to them. Don’t believe it? Yes, it was a lucky day for the people, who had won the euro millions lottery games. The European million lottery games are popularly called the euro million games and they started on a fine Friday which fell on 13th of the month February in 2004. The games actually were launched on 7th of the same month in 2004. The 3 countries that [participated are UK, France and Spain. But later the number of countries grew to be 9. This happened in just 6 months of time. Switzerland, Luxemburg, Portugal, Belgium, Austria and Ireland were the 6 countries that joined hands to the euro million lottery games.


The prize funds begin at 12 million Euros. If none wins, then the fund is included in the next draw. This is as same as the rule when you play powerball in US. For a few, who actually travel across the globe for family and business purposes and do not like to miss the lottery games. You can get accustomed to the rules and play any lottery game in any part of the world. Most of the countries let you play lottery game even when you are not a resident but only a tourist of the nation. Coming back to the euro millions lottery game, the prize fund which was only 12 million Euros has now grown to the huge amount of 170 million Euros when none had won the draw. This happened as the amount was rolled over many a times. The prize fund was shared among 3 three individual winners.


There are a few rules, you need to know if you play euro millions lottery. When you want to play this game, you need to be of over the 18 years of age. There is an exception however, if you are a resident or citizen of UK, you can play this game even if you are 16 years of age. The prize fund is paid out in the country from where you had purchased the ticket and the currency of the same country is how the money is paid out to the winners. So, if you have bought the tickets in Switzerland, the money is paid out in this country and the currency used in the same.


You need to be careful about your winning ticket. No one keeps a record of who bought the ticket, and the person who presents the winning ticket is the winner. So, never lose your euro million lottery ticket as you may be the winner. Also, the number of roll overs caused some criticism, which made the roll overs to be restricted at number 11. The jackpot is then shared among the people, who had got the 5 main numbers and one start number right.

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