A EuroMillions Super Draw has been announced!

It is official! The next EuroMillions Super Draw has been announced and will start on Friday, October 3rd 2014.

The Super Draw is a very special lottery event. Basically, it means that the Euro Millions would start with a guaranteed jackpot of 100 Million Euros.


Like on all EuroMillions draws the rules are the same, just the Euro Millions jackpot starts at a higher sum.In case, no matches all the 5 numbers and 2 lucky stars, the jackpot will roll over until it reaches the pre-defined cap of 190 Million Euros. In case no one matches all winning numbers after the cap has been reached then the jackpot of 190 Million would go to the next winning tier. In other words, you could have matched only 1 or 2 numbers but if no one did better, then you can be the winner.




We at icelotto.com like to keep you well informed ahead of time and ready for special lottery events like the EuroMillions SuperDraw or the Spanish Loteria De Navidad. For this reason we highly recommend that you purchase your EuroMillions tickets for at least 26 draws in advance. This way you would guarantee your participation on the SuperDraw, and get into the EuroMillions buzz before anyone else. In addition, we also recommend that you try out the EuroMillions SuperDraw Group, and increase your winning chances with several shares.


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