See How They The Play Lottery Around The World

People all over the world play the lottery. Almost all countries in the world love the thrill of a weekly or bi-weekly lottery ticket.


The Spaniards love playing the lottery

El Gordo Tickets

Take Spain for example. Because in Spain there is a fantastic interest in playing the lottery. Spain has a very long tradition of playing the lottery. Take the Bono Lott, for example, or the yearly tradition of El Gordo. In fact, the Spaniards started playing this lottery at the beginning of the 1800s. El Gordo means the fat one in Spanish, and it refers to the yearly, Spanish, Christmas lottery that always has some spectacular jackpots.  This Spanish lottery is only held once a year. The Spaniards play the lottery all year, of course, but then they play the Bono Lotto. El Gordo is something entirely different. And the difference starts with the price of a ticket. Because most lottery tickets worldwide are cheap. And you probably only pay one or two dollars for a single lottery ticket in most countries. Not so in Spain, because a lottery ticket in the El Gordo costs the equivalent of $300.


Spanish Christmas

Yes, you read correctly. Quite a sum of money. And that’s the reason most people chip in with friends and family. The common thing is for ten people to join forces and dish out $30 each. If the ticket wins, then all ten participants will get their tenth of the prize. The great thing about the El Gordo lottery is that there’s a really huge chance of winning. You see, let’s say the winning number is 46783. Well, guess what, everybody who has a lottery ticket that ends with the same number that the winning number ends with, is a winner. Granted, not a million-dollar winner, but enough to pay for the ticket. In addition, there are a number of prizes, and it is said that 70% of the gross ticket sales of the El Gordo returns to the players as prizes. That means roughly four billion dollars. Oh yes, the Spaniards love the El Gordo. Check Spanish lotto results here.


El Gordo Tickets

Another thing you need to know about the El Gordo tickets is that you cannot choose your own numbers. You simply buy a lottery ticket that has the numbers pre-printed. The tickets come in 165 series, and you need to get the number and the series correct to win the grand jackpot. Which can be a very big win. The El Gordo lottery is a fantastic yearly tradition in Spain, and it doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon. The Spaniards absolutely love playing this giant lottery at the end of the year. Brazil has a similar end-of-year lottery that can accumulate up to a few hundred million dollars. A fantastic sum of money. Last year six people won the Grand Prize of the Mega Sena Lottery, which was a historic win. Never before have so many people guessed the six numbers correctly. Spain and Brazil are just two examples of great lottery cultures. The UK is another. And just like the Spaniards and the Brazilians, the absolutely adore their so-called National Lottery, which is the state-franchised lottery of the UK.


The Brazilians have a lottery called Mega Sena

The National Lottery

Unlike in other countries, the UK National Lottery is a relatively new lottery. It had its first draw in 1994. All prizes are paid in lump sums, and the great thing about it is that it is completely tax-free. Another positive thing is that almost 30% of sales goes directly to a fund that promotes charity. All kinds of charities are supported through the lottery fund, even a series of sports activities for children, and a host of cultural events. Since its start in 1994, the UK National Lottery has made many millionaires, as well. The highest recorded prize was 57 million pounds, which equals 71 million US dollars. Not as huge pots as Spain, Brazil or the US, but still a decent amount of money!


Australian Lottery

Let’s not forget the Australians. The Aussies are completely crazy for lotteries, and they have many to choose from. Lotteries can be authorized at state level, just like in the US. So this is different from the Spanish, British and Brazilian model which is national. This means that the Australians have many lotteries. Almost one for each day of the week. The most popular are the Saturday lottery. But there’s also the Monday lottery and the Wednesday lottery, in addition to a long, long list of lotteries spread out over Australia’s states and territory. In Australia, there’s also a tradition for betting. They love sports and can bet on soccer, cricket, and other sports. There are even weekly lottery-type betting games, similar to a typical lottery, where you bet on teams. Check Oz lotto results here.


People all over the world love playing the lottery, that’s for sure.



See How They The Play Lottery Around The World
The Spanish El Gordo- The Fat One is Here!
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